Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daily Cute 11-02-13

We went to the wedding of my cousin Luke last month. There were lots of little kids there. For the ceremony, we sat in the back, in case Clementine got restless or loud. She did pretty well, holding her two favorite fairy dolls and climbing on and off the bench. At her noisiest point, she was holding a scented bag of dried, purple, lavender flowers. She kept huffing it and somewhat loudly saying, "It smells like onions!" This was a great moment of toddler logic based on the fact that in our back yard at home, we have a chive plant. The chive flowers are purple, which Cleme has spent a lot of time picking, don't look too different from the crushed lavender flowers. And of course, the chive flowers do smell kind of like onions.