Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daily Cute 10-24-13 - Bargain Shopper

The other night Clementine and I were playing on the bed. She had previously dug into Allie's coupon folder and stuffed her little fairy purse full of coupons. She brought the purse on the bed and started pouring it out, saying, "Here's a coupon for you. Here's a coupon for you." I asked her what the coupon was for, she looked on the wrong side and saw a cropped photo of a drink and said, "a straw." She started tossing more and more coupons, "here's an interes'ing coupon for you." She picked up and considered each coupon in turn, judged them as "inters'ing" (incidentally, this was the first time I had heard her use the word interesting) and handed them off to me. I asked her what we do with coupons and she said, "Take 'em to the store and buy food!"

Clementine also spent time picking up coupons and telling me they were for "scientific research" a reference to the "rain" fairy movie she likes to watch, in which a little girl keeps papers and drawing for studying nature. Cleme had so much fun playing with the coupons that we almost had to tear her away to go to bed.

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