Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Daily Cute 9/3/13

Monday night Clementine was having lots of fun reading her Sandra Boynton books with us right before bed. She really gets hooked on them because on the back cover there are pictures of other Sandra Boynton books. After reading one, she will point at the back cover for the next one she wants to read.

Eventually we read the promised LAST book of the night. It had been a long day with no nap and she obviously needed to sleep. She insisted on one more (One Two Three) and we told her no. She started whining and crying about it and, as we do so much, we thought up a way to distract her. I told her she could bring the book with her to her crib and read it to herself in bed. This seemed like a fair deal to her so she climbed off our bed and walked into her room for sleep, carrying the book with her. Allie put her in the crib, sang her a couple of songs and left. Not much later, we looked on our video monitor and saw little Cleme, fast asleep on her back. Covering her face was her open book. She passed out reading One Two Three. Allie crept quietly into Clementine's room and pulled the book off of her face. She had made it two pages in!

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