Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daily Cute 09-20-13

Somehow, Clementine has become a huge fan of the Disney Fairies. When she watches her shows and the Disney logo (with the Disneyland castle) comes up she says, "It's the big house. Where Tinkerbell lives." Allie treated her to a new doll last week, Vidia, the fast-flying fairie. Clementine took it all over the store, making it fly and making wooshing sound affects. For some reason she won't say the name Vidia, but just calls the doll Fast-Flying Fairie.

Clementine sees her friend Cora every Monday, and the weekend she got her new fairie she said, "I'm going to show Cora my fast-flying fairie."

She's also been saying, "Cora's my best friend!"

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