Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Jokes 09-26-13

Clementine has been rewatching a new Fairie movie. There's this scene at the beginning where Tinkerbell pulls a lever to see what it does. It ends up squirting water out of a hose, right into Vidia (you know, the Fast-Flying Fairy). Tinkerbell see Vidia all sopping wet and says in surprise, "You're all wet!" Apparently, this is the funniest scene ever because Clementine talks about it constantly, sometimes a dozen times a day. She will tell us out of the blue, "She says, 'Are you all wet?'" And if you repeat it back to her she'll start cracking up. Sometimes, she'll also reenact the scene, mimicking Tinkerbell's posture when she says the line, hunching over and bending her knees. She'll look up at you to make sure you are watching and will say "She go like this."

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