Friday, August 2, 2013

The Daily Cute #1

Clementine had a playdate with her older friend (3 years +) Orlena on Wednseday. We've been borrowing a car so Allie and Cleme actually drove out there to Orlena's house, which hardly ever happens because they live in a non-bus-accessible area of the west hills. Usually Orlena comes our way. As Clementine was set to go, she had to "bring fairies for Orlena!" Even though the two haven't played for a few weeks, she remembered Orlena's favorite toys. Once they were out the door, she remembered another - "Corn Pop!" Clementine's little kitten, which Orlena loves to play with. Clementine will be two this weekend and watching her develop is so amazing. When she shows off her ever-improving memory, her growing logical faculties, and her ability to look outside herself, as in this case, I am totally blown away! Every day, she pulls out some new trick.

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