Friday, August 9, 2013

The Daily Cute #3

We went down to Eugene to stay with my parents this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Staying there always leads to novel sleeping arrangements. This time, Allie slept on a small single bed, while Cleme and I shared a double air mattress on the floor, pushed up against the bed.

It's pretty sweet sharing the bed with Clementine, which we don't do at home. But she still tends to move around 360 degrees throughout the night. She'll flop against you, kick you on accident, and take up the majority of the bed by placing her body perpendicular to yours.

One morning we were all laying there. Allie was checking her kindle and I was waiting for my grogginess to dissipate. We didn't realize Clementine was awake until she suddenly said, "I farted."

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