Friday, August 23, 2013

Daily Cute #5

Clementine has had a cheap, toddler hula hoop that she's been enjoying trying to operate. Allie bought a weighted grown-up hula hoop the other day so they could hoop together. I tried out my hula hoop skills in the living room while the ladies watched on the couch. I was really getting my groove on, jerking my body back and forth. Clementine was cracking up and got so excited that she lost her balance and fell headfirst off of the couch. She landed on her forehead as we held our breaths. She stood up immediately and with a slightly freaked expression on her face climbed back on the couch saying, "I'm okay!"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Daily Cute #4

I came home from work yesterday to find Clementine sitting naked on the living room couch. She was holding an inflatable pink guitar and when she saw me come in, she started singing and 'playing' her song "Twinkle Twinkle Clementine/I'm so glad that you are mine." This was followed by a rendition of "Little Boxes" which we play together often on my real guitar. This version had a bunch of extra colors thrown in: "there's a pink one and a blue one and a pink one and a yellow one and a red one..."

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Daily Cute #3

We went down to Eugene to stay with my parents this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Staying there always leads to novel sleeping arrangements. This time, Allie slept on a small single bed, while Cleme and I shared a double air mattress on the floor, pushed up against the bed.

It's pretty sweet sharing the bed with Clementine, which we don't do at home. But she still tends to move around 360 degrees throughout the night. She'll flop against you, kick you on accident, and take up the majority of the bed by placing her body perpendicular to yours.

One morning we were all laying there. Allie was checking her kindle and I was waiting for my grogginess to dissipate. We didn't realize Clementine was awake until she suddenly said, "I farted."

Baby Jokes #2

I told Cleme to eat her "Taters" last night. She understood I meant potatoes, but followed up with "tater-totter."

Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Jokes

I can't always tell if Clementine misunderstands things when she uses double-meanings and puns or if it's just part of her burgeoning sense of humor. But I am pretty sure she know what she is doing at least most of the time.

Like a couple months ago when we were talking about polka-dots and looking at pictures of them. She poked me in the ribs with her fingers and laughed saying "Polka dots."

Now when we build towers and I tell her to knock them over, as she loves to do, she knocks on them like a door with her little fist until they fall over. She used to just push them over. Pun or confusion? I'm not sure on this one.

Last week, she was wearing an outfit Allie's mom (Nanna) sent her for her upcoming birthday. Allie said, "Remember who gave you that outfit?" Clementine answered "Nanna chips" as in the dried bannana chips she likes to eat as snacks. Joke!

Music! #1

I've found a ton of great music this year but it's all old stuff. Most of the new CDs by my fave bands have been underwhelming (Bonnie Prince Billy, Atoms for Peace, James Blake) and no brand new artists have inspired me.

Finally the dull streak is over though. Wow - I love this, I can't believe this kid!!! He's the 18-19 year old red head in the video. All of his jams, that I can find, are great, but this might be my fave. I'm really looking forward now to his debut album ocming out later this month.

The Daily Cute #2

Yesterday, Allie and Cleme went to New Seasons with Miranda and Charmaine and helped themselves to the sample. Allie had a little cup of Kombucha. Clementine snatched it and said "I take the cup from Momma" and drank it with gusto. She liked it so much, Allie promised they could make some at home some day.

That evening, when Allie was telling me about this, Clementine interrupted her playing and ran over to us to say "I make kambucha at home!" which Allie thought was her cutest sentence ever.

The Daily Cute #1

Clementine had a playdate with her older friend (3 years +) Orlena on Wednseday. We've been borrowing a car so Allie and Cleme actually drove out there to Orlena's house, which hardly ever happens because they live in a non-bus-accessible area of the west hills. Usually Orlena comes our way. As Clementine was set to go, she had to "bring fairies for Orlena!" Even though the two haven't played for a few weeks, she remembered Orlena's favorite toys. Once they were out the door, she remembered another - "Corn Pop!" Clementine's little kitten, which Orlena loves to play with. Clementine will be two this weekend and watching her develop is so amazing. When she shows off her ever-improving memory, her growing logical faculties, and her ability to look outside herself, as in this case, I am totally blown away! Every day, she pulls out some new trick.