Saturday, December 8, 2012

Partying with Papa

Allie agreed to work for a friend at their Crafty Wonderland booth today so Cleme and I spent the day together. Nine hours together without Mama is the most time we've ever spent together so far.

Cleme slept in until 10AM! I finally got up at 9:30AM which is the first time, probably since before Cleme was born, that I've slept as long as I wanted to.

We had a lazy morning, Cleme chugged coconut milk and had a peanutbutter sandwich and clementine orange for breakfast. We listened twice to a Merle Haggard record. I listed Guapo books on amazon and sorted my LP collection. Clementine played with her Calico Critters and rode her little bee car. I had noodles for brunch and shared a little with Cleme. She also had a hardboiled egg and crackers.

We caught the bus at 12:50 and headed down Hawthorne. Got off at 35th and walked north to the Sunnyside Swapshop/Co-op. I pushed Cleme around in the big plastic cars there and helped her learn how to crawl through tunnels. We interacted with a little white kid (nick?)named Tupac.  I snagged a Bettie Serveert CD (free). After an hour I knew Cleme would be ready for a nap so we walked back to Hawthorne.  She ended up falling asleep in the carrier while I shopped for CDs and records. I raided CD/Game Exchange's dollar section and got Grandaddy, Jimi Hendrix, Roger McGuinn, Randy Newman, M. Ward, and Zwan CDs for a buck a piece. Also got a Kanye West CD for 2.50. Went over to Jackpot and bought the first Suicide album for full price which felt like way too much money - but then again I just found out I'll be getting a nice Christmas bonus so was determined to celebrate. We missed our bus when it came five minutes early so we waited at Pepinos. Cleme ate half a tamale and I had two taqueria tacos (plus her leftovers). By the time we got home (at 4:45) Cleme was pretty burnt out. She insisted on watching her baby-signing time DVDs as soon as we walked in, so I pulled up her chair and let it play, she giggled in glee when the opening logo popped up on the screen. I pulled Guapo books and emailed customers while Cleme soaked up signs. Now she's also verbally repeating (in her fashion) all of the words they teach. Today was the first time I've seen her sign "outside." After she did it, I asked if she wanted to go outside and she got really excited.

We headed out one last time, to Fred Meyer for a frozen pizza and wine coolers. We heated the pizza and prepped a salad just in time for Allie to get home around 6:20 after a long day's work. Clementine ate a slice of "peh" and some more orange, then it was time for reading, tooth brushing, milk and now bed.

By the way, we had a pediatrician appointment yesterday and got the latest stats. Cleme is 23 pounds (50th percentile--she was always single digit percentile before-- and 32 inches long, 78th percentile for height.

How it's time to hang with Allie, eat ice cream, and watch a movie. It was a great day!

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