Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Zine Simposium

What happened to our blog? I've felt so under the gun, I haven't dared touch it. Clementine turned one early August! We had a great party for her and were super busy in the weeks leading up to it; cleaning, organizing, repainting the kitchen and living room.

 A couple weeks later was Allie's birthday (another party) and this past labor day weekend we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.

August 11 and 12th I worked for Guapo at the Portland Zine Symposium. I spent the week beforehand finally wrapping up my 2011 Music in Review Zine (only eight months late!). The cover features EMA my favorite artist of 2011.

I tabled at the show with Gariet and Orly and had a great time, though sales were down. It was very nostalgic and flash me back to the glory days of Guapo. I saw a lot of old and familiar faces which was very nice.

(Photo by Blue)
Gariet and Orly both debuted awesome new zines, which I helped them copyedit. Orly put out the third issue of Backstage Past and Gariet put out a second installment of his diary comic Don't Stop Now. Clementine and I had a few cool appearances.

I hope to blog again soon. I have a backlog of things I would like to mention.