Saturday, June 9, 2012


As we've mentioned to many of you, Cleme's been having a tough time with teething lately. Her first two teeth have popped out with more locked and loaded - I can see them lurking there beneath her gums! She's also been having some obvious brain development. Yesterday she busted out the sign for "change" which is her third official sign language word.

This morning, when Clementine was in a good mood, I took the moment to harass her and get Allie to snap a few shots of her little teeth. This definitely requires teamwork because she is very touchy and protective when it comes to her teeth - we usually only get glimpses when she is laughing, smiling, or screaming at us.

Last night she was so wound up from teething that she couldn't sleep. She stayed up until past midnight, mainly playing and having a good time. She did lose it for a while -here she is in a calm moment between fussing.

We got out an ice cube for her to suck on. Here she is holding the cube (in a mesh with a handle) and a teething "thing" as well.

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