Monday, June 18, 2012

Soap Sellin' at 26th and Clinton

I meant to mention that a couple months ago Allie got hooked up with a new craft/gift store called Tangible Gifts. It shares space with Bluebird Real Estate on 26th and Clinton (the address is 2615 SE Clinton to be exact). We dropped off her soap there on a Saturday a couple months ago. Here's Cleme playing inside on that visit:

Here's the storefront with Allie and Cleme inside:

Here's a view of the inside, before it was fully set up:

Right now, the store is just finding its feet. It is open on weekends only. The lady who runs it is really nice and contacted Allie this week to let her know she could pick up money from her sales. We went out with Cleme this Saturday and were excited to see Allie had already sold 9 bars of soap--that's an average of one every other day of business operations. We used to sell Allie's soap at Guapo--that's obviously over, so it feels great that Allie has a new outlet for her soap.

After picking up Allie's earnings we stopped by Little T on 26th and Division to visit our friend Shea, who was on the clock. We indulged in drinks and a split pea and bacon pretzel which was delicious. After, we walked to Hawthorne where I had a chance to go record shopping. I got 7 awesome albums for only $13. It was a fun day and felt great to get out in the nice weather. Allie got a little sunburn--I forget how easily she burns--but we did have it together enough to put sunblock on Clementine.

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