Friday, April 27, 2012

Kasabian Live

My friend Nick P. took me to see Kasabian on April 11. Nick is one of only two high school friends I still keep in touch with (not counting Allie of course!). Nick lives in the Eugene area and drove up to Portland. The show was at the Wonder Ballroom, a nice intimate venue, and Kasabian were great. Their synth-laced brand of rock music sound was powerful and enveloping live. I really admire Nick's concert fortitude--he comes up so often too see shows, and often, as on this night, drives right back home after the show.

Here's a photo Nick took--there was a lot of intense lighting throughout the show.

I don't always give Kasabian the credit they're due. They're always slightly off my radar but I remember listening extensively to their first album. This may still be my favorite jam of theirs--an obvious choice that deserves to be on of their biggest hits.

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