Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Day Weekend Fun

Last weekend and early in the week I was in such a funk. I told Allie,"Everything's going good. I should be happy, but I just feel depressed." I've been trying to save my PTO (paid time off) ever since I depleted it on paternity leave, but Allie and I realized, what's the point if I am totally overwhelmed? So I took today, Monday off, and ended up having a great long weekend.

We watched the documentaries Best Worst Movie and Bill Cunningham New York. We rewatched old faves Superbad and Truman Show (every movie needs to be rewatched on my new widescreeen TV). Clementine turned seven months old Sunday and on Saturday we went to a baby shower for our friends Aron and Ariel. I am very excited that they are having a baby boy. Clementine was in a great mood at the shower. She smiled at everyone, ate several stalks of asparagus, and rolled around the floor playing with all the wrapping and tissue paper. There was only one other little kid there, less than I thought there would be, so Clementine had ample opportunity to shine as the star of the party (second behind the expecting mother of course).

Today, I asked Allie to pretend I wasn't here so I could work hard on the garage project, I am unpacking and organizing all the boxes of Guapo books--I've even cleaned them out of Cleme's room--in preparation for doing our inventory count for taxes. Normally Cleme wakes us up by 8AM, which I was actually looking forward to today - so I could get an early start. In the end, it was nice that she let us sleep in until 10AM because I was up with insomnia until 2:30AM last night! Yeesh. I finally had to turn on the light and read--finished The Sigh by Marjane Satrapi and made progress on Kids Say the Darndest Things by Art Linklater (with illustrations by Charles Schulz).

For my big moment away from the garage, I went with Allie and Clementine on their Monday Value Village trip. Every week they bring a bag of stuff to donate and hopefully come back with less. It's all part of our master plan to lessen our junk pile and quell the the impending avalanche.

We always look for books for Clementine but this week came up fairly short. I only found PEANUTS - A Charlie Brown Valentine -- a wordy picture book that will be best for Clementine in another year or so. It's kinda for me as much as her I have to admit. 

Then I got the nonfiction novel ALIVE -- after seeing it in used bins for years, it suddenly looked awesome--"'A classic in the literature of survival' - Newsweek." I've been obsessed with survival stories ever since I was a kid reading the Hatchet books by Gary Paulsen, growing up in Sacramento where tales of the Donner party's survival were local legend.

I also found the Twin Peaks TV show soundtrack (yes! I am listening to it now!), and Lucky Peach #1 for Allie. The issue was only 22 cents and was a great find since I just bought Allie a subscription starting with issue #2. Allie also got some jeans, leggings, and jeggings.

Cleme got a frog bath robe, a black sweater, and a cool Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar toy. Hers is missing the fruit, but Allie is just going to make some.

Allie is making carnitas and Cleme is sitting in her little pink car right by me. She is playing with her toys and staring at the cat, who jumped on my lap. I am feeding her Gerber Graduates snack puffs and picking up her toys as she throws them on the ground.

Did we drop off more stuff than we bought? Barely and that's just because I brought a second bag with me. That's okay though because I've been sorting my CD-Rs and videos and have a big stack to get rid of soon. I'm so glad I took the day off!


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