Sunday, January 1, 2012

Numero Uno

Hey! Long time no blog. One of my New Years resolutions is to update this blog daily. Cleme is growing up so fast and has so many new tricks she is learning. I gotta record them!
New Years Eve was spent having a delicious homemade bagel brunch at our friend Andrice's house. Cleme met Griffin, Theo and Heather's 6 week old baby. It was so funny to watch her interact with him. Cleme looked almost shocked to see another baby. She very slowly reached out her hand to caress him and stared at him in amazement. Hopefully we can get those two together again soon.
After brunch we headed home and waited for our friends Gariet and Orly to arrive. This is the second or third NYE where we have just had a low key and quiet night of playing games at our house. This year we played Pictionary. Jeremy and I came from behind and swept the game. I almost felt bad for winning.Orly can take losing pretty hard sometimes. I would almost prefer to see them win to avoid it.
Once it struck midnight, we popped our confetti poppers, blew our horns, and opened up the $50 bottle of saved champagne Jeremy had been gifted from the law firm he works at.
Cleme has been SO sensitive to weird or loud sounds recently. Every time the horns were blown at midnight she let out a loud and distressed sounding "Eeeeegh!" And would kick her legs wildly. It was funny in a sad way. I got in trouble from Jeremy for blowing my horn a couple of extra times just to see that little freak out again.
We all finally made it to bed around 2am.
In other news, Jeremy finally bought that new TV he has been pining for today.

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