Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Missing Items

The garage is slowly imploding under the weight of all our junk (especially Guapo stuff). Our bedrooms are similarly overflowing.

I'm looking for
1. Fingerless gloves: missing two months
2. Smile Sessions CD: missing six weeks
3. TV remote: missing three years
4. Ramones and Jarvis Cocker CD: missing three years
5. Allie's birthday check from Grandma: missing five months

I know these things are SOMEWHERE in the house.

I am trying to finish four zines but am nowhere close. Parenthood is a delight but it definitely is pushing everything OFF. I'm trying to get one thing done at a time. Within the next couple of weeks I really have to get going on our inventory count for 2011 taxes. Tonight though, I'll start with the garage (I hope).

1 comment:

  1. I found my fingerless gloves and my Jarvis Cocker CD--yes! I did not find the TV remote, but we gave away the TV that it goes with.