Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9- The Day on Which the Actual Birthday Occurs

Today was Jeremy's actual birthday. I'm sure he was tired for most of it since Clementine has kept us up crazy hours all this week. Hopefully having a fun day at work helped a little bit. Jeremy got to spin the prize wheel at work for winning the monthly "Above & Beyond" employee award. He won a $25 gift card to Amazon. He has already plotted out the CD's he's getting in his head I'm sure. To celebrate his birthday he was treated to a delish lunch by his department & to top it all off, he found out the new flat screen tv that he has been pining for for years has arrived and is ready for pick up.

Clementine and I got quite a late start to our day together. I woke up at 8:30, nursed Clementine back to sleep, and then started quiet work while she slept. I pulled orders, refunded shipping if necessary and spent a long time trying my hardest to install Skype on our Mac. The Skype thing never worked out. I have to figure out another way to use the web cam that we bought at Christmas to chat with Jeremy's parents in Eugene and to hopefully chat with my brother once he makes his move to Guam later next month.

Clementine finally woke up around 1:00 pm. We nursed, got all bundled up for the cold weather outside and walked the four or so blocks over to our weekly Monday outing, Value Village. Every Monday the whole store is 25% off AND there is a 50% off color tag too. One of my New Years resolutions was to take a brown paper bag full of items to donate every week when we go on our Monday Value Village visit. I kept it up this week and took over a bag filled with shoes, tshirts and some baby clothes that Cleme had outgrown.

Our Value village visit was very fruitful today. I have been looking every week for a new blender to replace my old one that had suddenly started spitting out black smoke right in the middle of a delicious banana/almond milk smoothie. Well it was blender central today and I had my choice of three different models. I chose one that was specifically made for smoothies. Can't wait to get back to making smoothies! It is a little hard to believe just how hard it is to eat when you are staying home with a baby. I guess it's because usually it takes two hands to make something to eat and my hands are usually all full of baby. We also picked up a super nice under the counter cd/radio to replace the clock radio from my childhood we had been using in the kitchen. I picked out 3 new sweaters for Jeremy and pulled a total hat trick. They all fit him! It was a sweater miracle. Clementine scored 3 new books (including a Maisy flap book) and a cute little pair of pink suede fur trimmed boots with the Aristocats on them.

After Value Village Cleme and I headed over to Fred Meyers. As you may recall, our printer recently died and I needed to shop for a new one. We scored once again at Fred Meyers. The only printer they had that worked with Macs was on sale for 59.99 (marked down from $99). To add to the sale, it was the last one and was missing its box. So I got another 10% off! I had also been researching getting one with WiFi and this printer just happened to have it. The WiFi option works really well since our main computer connection is a laptop that we keep on the living room table. Previously we would have to take the laptop out to the garage and plug in the laptop into the usb cord for the printer we stored there. It was kind of a hassle. But now I just press "print" and it is magically sent to the printer. YEAH!

At Fred Meyers we also picked up an acorn squash and a bell pepper for the curry dinner I was making to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. I cooked up the acorn squash and put half in our red curry and pureed up the other half for Cleme to eat. I though maybe she would get to try a couple of bites after she finished up the half jar of butternut squash she already had in the fridge. As it turned out she finished the butternut squash and then proceeded to eat 2 jars of the acorn squash. I think she would have eaten more, but to be honest I felt like she would get way to stuffed and there would be some sort of overflow if you know what I mean, I'm not even sure if this is true since they say babies will never eat more than they can handle. I dunno about that, but I sure didn't want to test it out tonight.

After dinner Cleme and I took a shower to hose off all that squash that didn't quite make it. Once she was all clean, Jeremy opened our presents to him. I feel like I went a little boring and practical. Sorry Jeremy. I got him a new wallet to replace the old one that has been falling apart for the past 3 years. I also gave him a nice new canvas and leather bag from Vanport Outfitters. Holy schmoley! I didn't pay that much for the bag though. I tabled next to these guys at a craft fair this year and apparently got a super deal. I must have gotten the first generation or something, as the bag on the website has some nicely added new features.

After Jeremy opened presents, we started the long nightly journey of trying to put Cleme to sleep. First Jeremy read some books to Clementine. Then I came in to and nursed for about an hour. Around 10:45 Cleme fell asleep, so I put her in her crib. Where she quickly decided that she was actually not tired (despite having been up since 5 that afternoon) and she needed to come out and hang out with us for a little bit more.
If you look real close you can see the sad little tears of a tired little lady in denial,

 Eventually, after putting Clementine to sleep 4 times, it finally stuck around 12:40 and she passed out. Hopefully she'll be rested enough for her first Music Together class tomorrow morning. I hope she likes it!!

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