Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5- Someone is 5 months old up in here!

You heard me! Clementine turned 5 months old (22 weeks old) today. This month Cleme really got into eating. She takes these huge, vicious bites while shaking her head like a dog attacking a chew toy. Also tihis month she decided for the reals that she no longer wanted to sleep in our bed with us. Now she sleeps in her crib at night. I bought a video monitor and secretly sneak peeks of her all night long while she is asleep. I miss looking over at her in the middle of the night. But I definitely do enjoy having all that space back in our bed. Cleme also started playing on her own more. She'll lay all content on her blanket with a little toy and chew on it or wave it around for long stretches of time. This past month I really noticed that she is a little sensitive to loud sounds or loud babies. I signed us up for Music Together classes to hopefully combat that fear. Overall, we are so lucky to have Cleme. She is a sweet, sensitive little lady and we love her TONS!!
Cleme and I had a nice mellow day at home. Not as many book sales to worry about packing up today. Only 6 compared to the 14 we did yesterday.
Today I used the Baby Bullet I got from Jeremy's mom for Christmas for the first time. I blended up the butternut squash I roasted last night. One half of a butternut squash made 8 little serving containers worth of food! Cleme ate up a whole jar of it. She loved it. I also steamed a pear and blended that up. It only made two servings.  We'll see how she feels about pears tomorrow night.
Christmas finally came to an end at the house today. I took the ornaments off the tree, took down the stockings and folded up our little fake white tree for next year. I can't wait for next Christmas. Cleme will be 16 months old and I think the holiday will be so much fun for her.

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