Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3- Where did it go?

Today just zoomed by. Clem woke up around 9am and she nursed back to sleep until 12:15pm.
Once she was up I fed her, got her dressed and we raced to catch the 1:16 bus downtown.  It was a SUPER slow ride downtown.  There were about 5 wheelchair riders which slowed us down considerably. The riders on the bus tilted a bit towards the crazy side. The guy sitting behind us preached/talked/did some spoken word to himself the entire trip. He also had a little rap/spoken word about rearranging furniture?? One line I remember is, "I need more places to fit all these bookcases."
Once we got downtown, I met up with Jeremy and Megan to cash our security check from leasing the Guapo space. It feels nice to wrap up more  store related biz.
Cleme fell asleep for a little bit on the bus ride home. She awoke after our bus overflowed with students from Franklin High leaving school. Once we for home, we hung out for bit, then Cleme went down for a little map from 6:30 to 800 pm while I headed over to Andrice's for craft night
All in all it was a great day¡

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