Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21- Party on the Hill

 Today we got all dressed up and traveled to the west side of Portland for Alisandra's formal 10th birthday party. I put Clementine in a fluffy and crinkly pink dress that I had received in a box from Thredup. Clementine always has so much fun wearing those fancy dresses. I think it's because all that crinkly fabric is like wearing one of those crinkle toys that babies like so much.
Since we don't have a car, (and Alisandra lives so far up in Portland Heights that bus service is limited) getting up to Alisandra's house is a lot trickier than other places for us. First we had to take a bus downtown. Then we picked up a Zipcar parked outside of City Hall and had to set up Cleme's car seat in the back. All was going well and we started our drive up to Ali's. Unfortunately, during the 15 minute drive up, Cleme fell asleep. We had to wake her up once we got there and she was less than thrilled. Cleme has been so shy lately and seems to get so easily overwhelmed by meeting new people.
I thought there would be more people at the party, but as it turned out it was really just Ali's close family and friends. About 10 guests. I felt a little special to be included. All the little kids at the party were just fascinated by Clementine. It was like a feeding frenzy. All of them wanted to hold her or poke at her. Clementine was slightly freaked out and kept looking at me like, "What the hell is going on?"Pretty much as soon as we got there the cake got brought out. Which we all thought was so smart. The kids basically just wanted to eat the cake and so once that was done they were way more relaxed and ready for dinner.

Jeremy ended up taking the Zipcar and left early to go to a Dr. Demento event at Reed College with Gariet and Orly. Cleme and I stayed and sat down for the dinner together.

Cleme was a perfect little dinner guest. She happily munched on broccoli stalks during the fondue course and mashed potatoes during the meal. After dinner, they lit chinese lanterns with a string attached. The lanterns floated like little hot air balloons in the night sky. Cleme thought they were pretty cool to watch. The rest of the night was basically spent waiting for Jeremy to come pick us up and trying to make sure Cleme wasn't too manhandled by the kids. We were the last to leave (11:30!) and went home way too tired and exhausted. Quite the adventure.

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