Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2- We need another day off

Last night was so tiring! We have a feeling that Cleme may be teething. I have felt like a walking nipple all weekend. She has wanted to be held nonstop and has been so fussy. I joked that she made a little baby resolution to not sleep in 2012. It took her until about 12:30am to fall asleep last night. Then when she woke up at around 2:30, she screamed and couldn't settle herself until about 4 am when we both fell asleep nursing. Jeremy was great last night and today with her. He tried out a little trick of blasting loud music in her room while she was upset and crying in her room. It worked better with some songs than others. She especially enjoyed the Pink Floyd and Florence and the Machine tracks that played.
Cleme did an awesome new trick last night when she was up and hanging out in our bed in between fuss fests. She sat up all on her own for about a minute by supporting her weight on her right arm that was outstretched. Very cool.
I have felt so drained by Cleme lately that sometimes I don't even want to pick her up. It is lovely and sweet that she needs me so badly and that most of the time I am the only thing that will calm her, but sometimes it just wears me out. It's a lot of pressure. Babies are definitely not for the weak.
After our night of partying unwillingly with Cleme, we slept in until noon. Once we were up I nursed Cleme in bed while Jeremy alternated reading his Beach Boys zine and books to Cleme. Once we were up I made an easy little bean casserole for me and Jeremy. By the time it was done cooking Cleme was ready for a nap. We ate hurriedly and finished just as Cleme woke up from her teensy nap.
We dressed and headed out to Value Village for 25% off Monday. We brought the brown paper bag of donations with us. One of my resolutions was to take a paper bag of donations every Monday when we go to Value Village. Very slowly I will reduce the amount of junk in the garage.
At Value Village I picked Cleme up a bath tub thermometer and a little xylophone/keyboard that looks like a tiger. Jeremy found a whole mess of books for Cleme. Titles included Stewart Little and The Ear Book. He also found an older book called Magical World from the 50's that is a fun little book with beautiful illustrations.
Once we were home we wrapped up our evening by working on Amazon sales, holding Fussybutt, and ordering some Thai food with our gift certificate from Jeremy's boss Lorre. It was delish and it was so nice not to cook after such a draining weekend where it felt like we were unable to do anything productive.

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