Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18-Lunch Date

It snowed all last night here in Portland and everyone was hoping for a snow day. Unfortunately, the rain came and slowly melted the snow away into a slush by around 8 in the morning. Cleme and I ventured out earlier than usual (due to the weather) to get to our Music Together class. Usually I take one bus to class and then walk the 9 or so blocks over to where our Music Together classes are held. But today I didn't want to worry about trudging through the slush or tripping with Cleme, so we took the two bus method that drops us off right in front of our class. Even though we were early to catch our second bus, it was 20 minutes late. While we were waiting I stopped in a little international store to pass the time. I ended up picking up a little can of dolmas, some rosewater and some orange blossom water. Eventually our bus came and we got to our 11:15 class at 11:20. Not too bad.

After Music Together, Cleme and I took the bus over to my Aunt Thalia's. We chatted for a bit and then Thalia went upstairs for a conference call. While Thalia was away on her call Cleme took the chance to nurse and nap for about an hour. It was a nice break in our day out.  When Thalia;s conference call was done we all sat down and had a light lunch and tea. Cleme had her very first cookie. A gingersnap that she gummed heartily. Cleme also teethed on a little dried apricot and tried repeatedly to get a drink of my hot tea.

After our lunch date we walked down Hawthorne to do a little birthday shopping for a little girl I used to nanny for, Ali. I first met Ali when she was a 1 1/2 year old chubby babe. This month she turns 10!! Unbelievable. Ali has turned out to be a smart, beautiful, caring, sensitive little lady. It has been such a treat to watch her grow up. I picked out a little fashion drawing kit that I think will be well received. Ali is quite the artist when it comes to drawing fairies or mermaids in beautiful costumes. I hope she likes it.

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