Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17- A Catch Up Day Failure

Today was Jeremy's first day back at work after his three day weekend. I caught up on all of my Amazon packages while Cleme played next to me. She has started to scoot backwards a bit when she is on the hardwood floors. I think she is working on her crawling skillz. Other than that, the house is still a mess and needs help. It feels like we're always playing catch up over here in regards to dumb house chores.

Cleme sent her first text message today. I was texting with my friend Andrice about meeting up later that night for our weekly craft night. After I finished texting to say I was going to come over that night, Cleme took my phone. She chewed on it a bit and then dropped it back on the bed. Later, when I checked my phone I saw that Cleme had sent a text to Andrice. It just had half a little frown from an emoticon. Like this:     (
I think she was saying she didn't want me to go. 

Here is a cute video of Cleme's crazy feeding frenzy last night:

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