Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16- A Whole New World

Something amazing happened today. We woke up at 7 or so this morning to Cleme fussing. This would be the same as any other recent morning of the past 5 months or so since she was born except for one thing- Cleme had fallen asleep at around 10:40 the night before. SHE SLEPT FROM 10:40 UNTIL 7:30 WITHOUT WAKING UP! It was amazing.

She has a new sleep schedule for sure. Starting this past Friday, Cleme decided she only wanted to take one short nap and then stay up until bedtime. This was okay, but she was super fussy the whole day. As the weekend went on this continued and she has kept up this whole one little short nap thing. She also quit being fussy during the day and has been in such a great mood. I must admit that I kinda like all the time we get to spend with her awake now and it makes our days a little easier to plan without having to worry about all those naps. Plus, she goes to bed earlier now and Jeremy and I have had a little more time to spend together before we have to go to bed too.  Jeremy has decided to take this new found time to finish season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix on his new TV.

Today I finally got around to a little cooking. I made some cranberry orange muffins with chocolate chips. Tangy and tasty. I also pureed up a batch of carrot apple baby food for Cleme. She politely declined it. We have tried carrots unsuccessfully before with Cleme and I thought I would try again now that she loves eating so much. It was still a no. I ended up mixing it with some sweet potato puree we had to finally get her to eat it. She gobbled it up and made quite the mess. She was covered in potato carrot puree from the waist up. Most likely because she wanted the bowl picked up and shoved it in her face. It was disgusting and cute.

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