Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 13- Sleeping is so last year

Cleme has been such a little weirdo lately with her sleep. She'll take these huge long naps/she'll take no naps at all. She'll just wake up once or twice in the night/she'll wake up every couple of hours in the night. There is no way of knowing what will happen at night. I'm afraid of the dark again for a whole other reason. I have no idea what they will bring. It is scary.

Lately Cleme has decided that she wants to take just one nap a day and then be borderline fussy until she goes to bed. Today she took no naps. She did think that she wanted to try taking a nap numerous times through out the day and so we spent lots of time laying down and nursing. It was an exhausting day. When Jeremy came home I told him that there was no way I wanted to make dinner. Thankfully we had received a gift certificate for a local food delivery service from Jeremy's boss for Christmas. We decided on ordering some Mexican food from Chevy's. It was so tasty because I didn't have to make it.
Cleme listening to one of the 6 or 7 books she reads at night with her dad before bedtime.
Because of Cleme's no nap day she blessed us with an early bedtime of 9:30.
We had time to eat our dinner together and even (gasp!!) watch a movie together. We watched "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop." Jeremy and I were lucky enough to catch the opening show in Eugene of the "Legally Prohibited" tour this film documented. It was fun to relive that a little.

This is the start of a 3 day weekend for Jeremy. Hopefully we'll finally be able to cross something off of our to do list before the end of it! We'll see.


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