Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12- A Lunch Date

Today was a beautiful, sunny, and frikkin' freezing January day. I love it when I go into Cleme's room to get her dressed for the day and the light is just pouring in. Cleme's room has the best natural light in the house. Couldn't stop from grabbing my camera and taking some pics of her in the lovely morning light.

Later, Cleme and I shared a nice little lunch date. Usually Cleme just eats solids at dinner time with us. Eating solids can be quite the mess. It usually involves a soak in the tub afterwards. Plus, she really doesn't need to eat solids all the time since she is still breastfeeding and is only 5 1/2 months old. But today I decided to sit down and have a nice lunch with her instead of waiting until she is asleep and eating while I do other work.

I had some leftover Chinese food that was in the fridge (later that night Jeremy was like, "WHAT? You ate my left over Chinese?") and Cleme had half a jar of acorn squash and a jar of butternut squash. We turned the radio on and she laughed while I sang to her. Good times.

The best toy ever is still the brown kraft paper that came in our book delivery last Tuesday. Cleme is constantly rustling in and out of it every time she plays on the floor. It's the simple pleasures I guess.

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