Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10- Catch up

Today we stayed in, packed up and sent out our little mountain of Amazon packages that had built up. It felt good to get those out. Originally Cleme and I were going to have our first Music Together Class today. Thankfully, at the last minute, a spot opened up in a class much closer to our house and our first class will now be on Wednesday.

For breakfast I tried out a recipe for 2-minute French toast in a cup I found on a blog that I read. It was pretty tasty. Making just a mugful of french toast is probably a safer dietary choice than the usual 4 or 5 slices a recipe calls for. I took some pics of the process.

First you tear up a couple of slices of bread in a mug with a pat of butter.  In a separate bowl you mix up an egg and three tablespoons of milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon.Than you pour the milk/egg mixture over the bread in the mug. Maybe I should make mine in a bowl next time because it was really hard to pour it over that little cubed bread hill without it overflowing onto the counter.
Then you zap it in the microwave for about a minute and a half. It gets a bit scary for a bit because as it cooks it rises up and looks like it is going to explode all over the place. It goes back down when you open the door to pull it out though.
Here it is ready to be doused in syrup.
One of the best parts of eating this toast in a mug was that I forgot about that pat of butter I had put in the mug so the French toast wouldn't stick. I found it at the bottom of the mug all melted and ready to dip the toast pieces in!
I was finally able to work on some of the dishes left over from the nacho party and found this pile of candles on the counter waiting for me to rinse the frosting off. We reuse our birthday candles. Is that weird? Do other people do that or are we just really cheap?

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