Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011--The Year in Beach Boys Obsession

I've been a huge Beach Boys fan for years, but for some reason I completely lost my head last year, becoming head over heels obsessed. Most of my available money went to Beach Boys purchases--like the four disc box set Pet Sounds Sessions and the $120 box set Smile Sessions (which was worth every penny).

I found copies of the Beach Boys (1985) and Ten Years Harmony on vinyl. Gariet bought me the record of Surfer Girl (great) cause he knows I'm slowly getting vinyl copies of all my Beach Boys CDs.

I picked out the dregs of the Beach Boys discography, Still Cruisin' used on CD. You know, the one where they sing back up on a Fat Boys cover of "Wipeout?" (Which is kind of a good song actually.) I bought the Mike Love spin off album Celebration on vinyl. Rumor has it only 5,000 copies of the record were pressed and it's NOT on CD.

My obsession culminated with Christmas when I gave Allie a long wish list of music stuff--all by the Beach Boys or Monkees.

She got me the Mojo tribute CD to the Boys, In My Room. She got me the Best of Bruce and Terry an album by future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher. You know Terry Melcher was Doris Day's son. He produced the first few Byrds albums and met Charles Manson when he (Melcher) was still living at the soon to be infamous house on La Cienega. Terry also played a part in writing "Kokomo" and several other of the career nadir songs on Still Cruisin.' I've been obsessing over the whole LA scene in general and love learning all these connections. I just read I'm With the Band the awesome groupie memoir by Pamela Des Barres and have also been coveting Byrds and Gram Parsons albums right and left.

Allie also got me the new Brian Wilson album, In the Key of Disney. I was dubious about the album because I kind of hate all Disney movies from Little Mermaid on--they just annoy me (I'm excluding the Pixar films from my ire however). Anyhow, the album is surprisingly good. I LOVE his "When You Wish Upon the Star" and the instrumental "Heigh Ho." I finally knew I wanted to own this album when I realized it would be a perfect thing to listen to with Cleme once she's a little older. I certainly wont be able to put on my Xiu Xiu albums...(Allie also got me the Monkees season one on DVD, because we both figured it would be great to watch with Cleme. She already loves TV but we try to keep her away from it. We have started caving though if the content is especially sedate and child friendly. No commercials or high drama is allowed though).

Allie got me the Musicares Tribute to Brian Wilson DVD, available on amazon for once cent. I've watched it already and I think my favorite was Jeff Beck slaying "Surf's Up" and "Surfing USA" on lead guitar. Worst was maybe the super boring version of "Til I Die" by the Barenaked Ladies.

There were two cool surprise presents from Allie--one a Beach Boys screen-printed tote bag featuring lyrics from the Smile song "Vegetables."

The other was a 45 record by Jan and Dean. The record itself has no literal Beach Boys connection, but since Brian Wilson wrote so many of their hits, the two bands will forever be intertwined. (Incidentally Dean Torrence from Jan and Dean went on to become a successful graphic designer and did several of the Beach Boys album covers. My favorite of his is Love You while the worst might be the Celebration "scrapbook" cover posted above). The a-side of the record is the awesome reworking of "Clementine" a strong song for Jan and Dean. I loved getting this obscure artifact and awesome tie-in to our daughter, something I can always play in homage to her, and play along with her-- another theme song for her to grow up with. Certainly a better one than Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" (the Jeremy character was a total creep remember? Plus I could never take Eddie's grungy growl). We had Christmas at my parents house. I put the 45 on my dad's record player and cranked "Clementine" while we all danced and Clementine happily bounced up and down.

After such an awesome year in fandom, the pinnacle of which was the release of the 44 year overdue Smile album, can 2012 possibly keep up in terms of my Beach boys collecting, listening, learning, and loving?? YES! because the band announced a month or so ago that they will be REUNITING in honor of their 50th anniversary. They will also be recording and releasing a new album, and going on tour. I already have my dad lined up to go with me to the Beach Boys show (assuming they show up in the Northwest--my fingers are crossed). If we can make it there, it just may be the best father-son bonding experience ever!
Thanks for all the presents Allie, and thanks to Brian Wilson and the gang for the amazing music all these years. I can't believe my favorite band is 50 years old--that's half a century!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21- Party on the Hill

 Today we got all dressed up and traveled to the west side of Portland for Alisandra's formal 10th birthday party. I put Clementine in a fluffy and crinkly pink dress that I had received in a box from Thredup. Clementine always has so much fun wearing those fancy dresses. I think it's because all that crinkly fabric is like wearing one of those crinkle toys that babies like so much.
Since we don't have a car, (and Alisandra lives so far up in Portland Heights that bus service is limited) getting up to Alisandra's house is a lot trickier than other places for us. First we had to take a bus downtown. Then we picked up a Zipcar parked outside of City Hall and had to set up Cleme's car seat in the back. All was going well and we started our drive up to Ali's. Unfortunately, during the 15 minute drive up, Cleme fell asleep. We had to wake her up once we got there and she was less than thrilled. Cleme has been so shy lately and seems to get so easily overwhelmed by meeting new people.
I thought there would be more people at the party, but as it turned out it was really just Ali's close family and friends. About 10 guests. I felt a little special to be included. All the little kids at the party were just fascinated by Clementine. It was like a feeding frenzy. All of them wanted to hold her or poke at her. Clementine was slightly freaked out and kept looking at me like, "What the hell is going on?"Pretty much as soon as we got there the cake got brought out. Which we all thought was so smart. The kids basically just wanted to eat the cake and so once that was done they were way more relaxed and ready for dinner.

Jeremy ended up taking the Zipcar and left early to go to a Dr. Demento event at Reed College with Gariet and Orly. Cleme and I stayed and sat down for the dinner together.

Cleme was a perfect little dinner guest. She happily munched on broccoli stalks during the fondue course and mashed potatoes during the meal. After dinner, they lit chinese lanterns with a string attached. The lanterns floated like little hot air balloons in the night sky. Cleme thought they were pretty cool to watch. The rest of the night was basically spent waiting for Jeremy to come pick us up and trying to make sure Cleme wasn't too manhandled by the kids. We were the last to leave (11:30!) and went home way too tired and exhausted. Quite the adventure.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20-Pink Cheetah Vest

Tonight Clementine was wearing her pink cheetah vest. I love this little vest. It was one of the first things I picked out for Clementine before she was born. Jeremy's mom and I found it at Value Village. What a score. When we bought it I couldn't imagine having a baby big enough to wear it and now she is almost grown out of it. :( I can't imagine ever getting rid of little pink cheetah vest. I'm keeping it forever.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19- What is up with you girl?

Cleme was stuck on autowhine all day. I did nothing but stay at home and cater to her every whim to try and get her to quit with the whining. She wasn't happy being held, she wasn't happy sitting on her own, she wasn't hungry, etc, etc. Inconsolable all day. At one point I had to just let her chill in her crib with all of her favorite toys and just watch her on the video monitor. That seemed to work. I guess I've had those days too where I just want to be alone and do my own thing. She ended up going to bed pretty early for her (9:30). Poor thing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18-Lunch Date

It snowed all last night here in Portland and everyone was hoping for a snow day. Unfortunately, the rain came and slowly melted the snow away into a slush by around 8 in the morning. Cleme and I ventured out earlier than usual (due to the weather) to get to our Music Together class. Usually I take one bus to class and then walk the 9 or so blocks over to where our Music Together classes are held. But today I didn't want to worry about trudging through the slush or tripping with Cleme, so we took the two bus method that drops us off right in front of our class. Even though we were early to catch our second bus, it was 20 minutes late. While we were waiting I stopped in a little international store to pass the time. I ended up picking up a little can of dolmas, some rosewater and some orange blossom water. Eventually our bus came and we got to our 11:15 class at 11:20. Not too bad.

After Music Together, Cleme and I took the bus over to my Aunt Thalia's. We chatted for a bit and then Thalia went upstairs for a conference call. While Thalia was away on her call Cleme took the chance to nurse and nap for about an hour. It was a nice break in our day out.  When Thalia;s conference call was done we all sat down and had a light lunch and tea. Cleme had her very first cookie. A gingersnap that she gummed heartily. Cleme also teethed on a little dried apricot and tried repeatedly to get a drink of my hot tea.

After our lunch date we walked down Hawthorne to do a little birthday shopping for a little girl I used to nanny for, Ali. I first met Ali when she was a 1 1/2 year old chubby babe. This month she turns 10!! Unbelievable. Ali has turned out to be a smart, beautiful, caring, sensitive little lady. It has been such a treat to watch her grow up. I picked out a little fashion drawing kit that I think will be well received. Ali is quite the artist when it comes to drawing fairies or mermaids in beautiful costumes. I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17- A Catch Up Day Failure

Today was Jeremy's first day back at work after his three day weekend. I caught up on all of my Amazon packages while Cleme played next to me. She has started to scoot backwards a bit when she is on the hardwood floors. I think she is working on her crawling skillz. Other than that, the house is still a mess and needs help. It feels like we're always playing catch up over here in regards to dumb house chores.

Cleme sent her first text message today. I was texting with my friend Andrice about meeting up later that night for our weekly craft night. After I finished texting to say I was going to come over that night, Cleme took my phone. She chewed on it a bit and then dropped it back on the bed. Later, when I checked my phone I saw that Cleme had sent a text to Andrice. It just had half a little frown from an emoticon. Like this:     (
I think she was saying she didn't want me to go. 

Here is a cute video of Cleme's crazy feeding frenzy last night:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16- A Whole New World

Something amazing happened today. We woke up at 7 or so this morning to Cleme fussing. This would be the same as any other recent morning of the past 5 months or so since she was born except for one thing- Cleme had fallen asleep at around 10:40 the night before. SHE SLEPT FROM 10:40 UNTIL 7:30 WITHOUT WAKING UP! It was amazing.

She has a new sleep schedule for sure. Starting this past Friday, Cleme decided she only wanted to take one short nap and then stay up until bedtime. This was okay, but she was super fussy the whole day. As the weekend went on this continued and she has kept up this whole one little short nap thing. She also quit being fussy during the day and has been in such a great mood. I must admit that I kinda like all the time we get to spend with her awake now and it makes our days a little easier to plan without having to worry about all those naps. Plus, she goes to bed earlier now and Jeremy and I have had a little more time to spend together before we have to go to bed too.  Jeremy has decided to take this new found time to finish season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix on his new TV.

Today I finally got around to a little cooking. I made some cranberry orange muffins with chocolate chips. Tangy and tasty. I also pureed up a batch of carrot apple baby food for Cleme. She politely declined it. We have tried carrots unsuccessfully before with Cleme and I thought I would try again now that she loves eating so much. It was still a no. I ended up mixing it with some sweet potato puree we had to finally get her to eat it. She gobbled it up and made quite the mess. She was covered in potato carrot puree from the waist up. Most likely because she wanted the bowl picked up and shoved it in her face. It was disgusting and cute.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15- First Snow Day!

Today we woke up around 10:30 or so to everyone on Facebook talking about all the snow they had. It was all melted by the time we woke up though. I thought we had missed the whole thing. We got out of bed and went about doing our house chores and such. A little later Cleme went down for a nap. While she was sleeping the snow started to fall again. By the time she woke up a thin layer had stuck and blanketed our neighborhood in blinding white. I brought her over to the large window in our living room and showed her the snowy show that had built while she slept.  Clementine's jaw dropped open, she looked at me, and she did a double take/head shake that was adorable to see. The snow melted quickly once again and by the time we ventured out to pick up some groceries at Fred Meyer's, it was gone.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14- Roller Party!

Tonight we attended the 40th birthday party for our neighbor (and Jeremy's bus buddy) Irene. It was a 70's inspired roller skating party at the Mt. Scott roller rink. Jeremy went for a "disco cowboy" look, Cleme wore her rainbow legwarmers and short-shorts, and personally, I went for a glittery disco look. We drank sodas, ate pizza, and gorged ourselves on delicious St. Cupcake treats. Super fun.

Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 13- Sleeping is so last year

Cleme has been such a little weirdo lately with her sleep. She'll take these huge long naps/she'll take no naps at all. She'll just wake up once or twice in the night/she'll wake up every couple of hours in the night. There is no way of knowing what will happen at night. I'm afraid of the dark again for a whole other reason. I have no idea what they will bring. It is scary.

Lately Cleme has decided that she wants to take just one nap a day and then be borderline fussy until she goes to bed. Today she took no naps. She did think that she wanted to try taking a nap numerous times through out the day and so we spent lots of time laying down and nursing. It was an exhausting day. When Jeremy came home I told him that there was no way I wanted to make dinner. Thankfully we had received a gift certificate for a local food delivery service from Jeremy's boss for Christmas. We decided on ordering some Mexican food from Chevy's. It was so tasty because I didn't have to make it.
Cleme listening to one of the 6 or 7 books she reads at night with her dad before bedtime.
Because of Cleme's no nap day she blessed us with an early bedtime of 9:30.
We had time to eat our dinner together and even (gasp!!) watch a movie together. We watched "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop." Jeremy and I were lucky enough to catch the opening show in Eugene of the "Legally Prohibited" tour this film documented. It was fun to relive that a little.

This is the start of a 3 day weekend for Jeremy. Hopefully we'll finally be able to cross something off of our to do list before the end of it! We'll see.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12- A Lunch Date

Today was a beautiful, sunny, and frikkin' freezing January day. I love it when I go into Cleme's room to get her dressed for the day and the light is just pouring in. Cleme's room has the best natural light in the house. Couldn't stop from grabbing my camera and taking some pics of her in the lovely morning light.

Later, Cleme and I shared a nice little lunch date. Usually Cleme just eats solids at dinner time with us. Eating solids can be quite the mess. It usually involves a soak in the tub afterwards. Plus, she really doesn't need to eat solids all the time since she is still breastfeeding and is only 5 1/2 months old. But today I decided to sit down and have a nice lunch with her instead of waiting until she is asleep and eating while I do other work.

I had some leftover Chinese food that was in the fridge (later that night Jeremy was like, "WHAT? You ate my left over Chinese?") and Cleme had half a jar of acorn squash and a jar of butternut squash. We turned the radio on and she laughed while I sang to her. Good times.

The best toy ever is still the brown kraft paper that came in our book delivery last Tuesday. Cleme is constantly rustling in and out of it every time she plays on the floor. It's the simple pleasures I guess.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11- In which we Music-ed Together

Today I woke Cleme up early (10:15) to go to our very first Music Together class. We made it there just as the class was getting started. Cleme and I found an open spot at the circle and had ourselves a seat. When the whole circle of moms, dads and caretakers started to sing, Cleme got a, "What in the hell is going on?" look on her face. But that quickly turned to a smile. She didn't get sad or upset the whole time we were there. The only time she started to fuss was when they turned out the lights and played Brahm's Lullabye. A couple of her nightime toys play that song and I think she associated it with going to bed. She started trying to nurse. Overall, I think she had a great time at class today and I  can't wait to take her next week.

After our class we walked down Hawthorne and visited a new children's resale store called "Punkin' Doodles." It was teeny tiny inside. I found a cute little fleece cape for Cleme and a springy green one piece. The prices were really reasonable and the owner was really nice. We'll probably stop in next week after class too.

When we got back home Cleme took a nice long nap while I folded laundry. When she woke up we put on the Lady GaGa channel on Pandora and I put away the folded laundry while Cleme hung out in her Johnny jump up. Tonight was the first time she has figured out that it bounces if she bends her legs up and down. It was pretty cute to watch her smiling and jumping.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10- Catch up

Today we stayed in, packed up and sent out our little mountain of Amazon packages that had built up. It felt good to get those out. Originally Cleme and I were going to have our first Music Together Class today. Thankfully, at the last minute, a spot opened up in a class much closer to our house and our first class will now be on Wednesday.

For breakfast I tried out a recipe for 2-minute French toast in a cup I found on a blog that I read. It was pretty tasty. Making just a mugful of french toast is probably a safer dietary choice than the usual 4 or 5 slices a recipe calls for. I took some pics of the process.

First you tear up a couple of slices of bread in a mug with a pat of butter.  In a separate bowl you mix up an egg and three tablespoons of milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon.Than you pour the milk/egg mixture over the bread in the mug. Maybe I should make mine in a bowl next time because it was really hard to pour it over that little cubed bread hill without it overflowing onto the counter.
Then you zap it in the microwave for about a minute and a half. It gets a bit scary for a bit because as it cooks it rises up and looks like it is going to explode all over the place. It goes back down when you open the door to pull it out though.
Here it is ready to be doused in syrup.
One of the best parts of eating this toast in a mug was that I forgot about that pat of butter I had put in the mug so the French toast wouldn't stick. I found it at the bottom of the mug all melted and ready to dip the toast pieces in!
I was finally able to work on some of the dishes left over from the nacho party and found this pile of candles on the counter waiting for me to rinse the frosting off. We reuse our birthday candles. Is that weird? Do other people do that or are we just really cheap?

Missing Items

The garage is slowly imploding under the weight of all our junk (especially Guapo stuff). Our bedrooms are similarly overflowing.

I'm looking for
1. Fingerless gloves: missing two months
2. Smile Sessions CD: missing six weeks
3. TV remote: missing three years
4. Ramones and Jarvis Cocker CD: missing three years
5. Allie's birthday check from Grandma: missing five months

I know these things are SOMEWHERE in the house.

I am trying to finish four zines but am nowhere close. Parenthood is a delight but it definitely is pushing everything OFF. I'm trying to get one thing done at a time. Within the next couple of weeks I really have to get going on our inventory count for 2011 taxes. Tonight though, I'll start with the garage (I hope).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9- The Day on Which the Actual Birthday Occurs

Today was Jeremy's actual birthday. I'm sure he was tired for most of it since Clementine has kept us up crazy hours all this week. Hopefully having a fun day at work helped a little bit. Jeremy got to spin the prize wheel at work for winning the monthly "Above & Beyond" employee award. He won a $25 gift card to Amazon. He has already plotted out the CD's he's getting in his head I'm sure. To celebrate his birthday he was treated to a delish lunch by his department & to top it all off, he found out the new flat screen tv that he has been pining for for years has arrived and is ready for pick up.

Clementine and I got quite a late start to our day together. I woke up at 8:30, nursed Clementine back to sleep, and then started quiet work while she slept. I pulled orders, refunded shipping if necessary and spent a long time trying my hardest to install Skype on our Mac. The Skype thing never worked out. I have to figure out another way to use the web cam that we bought at Christmas to chat with Jeremy's parents in Eugene and to hopefully chat with my brother once he makes his move to Guam later next month.

Clementine finally woke up around 1:00 pm. We nursed, got all bundled up for the cold weather outside and walked the four or so blocks over to our weekly Monday outing, Value Village. Every Monday the whole store is 25% off AND there is a 50% off color tag too. One of my New Years resolutions was to take a brown paper bag full of items to donate every week when we go on our Monday Value Village visit. I kept it up this week and took over a bag filled with shoes, tshirts and some baby clothes that Cleme had outgrown.

Our Value village visit was very fruitful today. I have been looking every week for a new blender to replace my old one that had suddenly started spitting out black smoke right in the middle of a delicious banana/almond milk smoothie. Well it was blender central today and I had my choice of three different models. I chose one that was specifically made for smoothies. Can't wait to get back to making smoothies! It is a little hard to believe just how hard it is to eat when you are staying home with a baby. I guess it's because usually it takes two hands to make something to eat and my hands are usually all full of baby. We also picked up a super nice under the counter cd/radio to replace the clock radio from my childhood we had been using in the kitchen. I picked out 3 new sweaters for Jeremy and pulled a total hat trick. They all fit him! It was a sweater miracle. Clementine scored 3 new books (including a Maisy flap book) and a cute little pair of pink suede fur trimmed boots with the Aristocats on them.

After Value Village Cleme and I headed over to Fred Meyers. As you may recall, our printer recently died and I needed to shop for a new one. We scored once again at Fred Meyers. The only printer they had that worked with Macs was on sale for 59.99 (marked down from $99). To add to the sale, it was the last one and was missing its box. So I got another 10% off! I had also been researching getting one with WiFi and this printer just happened to have it. The WiFi option works really well since our main computer connection is a laptop that we keep on the living room table. Previously we would have to take the laptop out to the garage and plug in the laptop into the usb cord for the printer we stored there. It was kind of a hassle. But now I just press "print" and it is magically sent to the printer. YEAH!

At Fred Meyers we also picked up an acorn squash and a bell pepper for the curry dinner I was making to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. I cooked up the acorn squash and put half in our red curry and pureed up the other half for Cleme to eat. I though maybe she would get to try a couple of bites after she finished up the half jar of butternut squash she already had in the fridge. As it turned out she finished the butternut squash and then proceeded to eat 2 jars of the acorn squash. I think she would have eaten more, but to be honest I felt like she would get way to stuffed and there would be some sort of overflow if you know what I mean, I'm not even sure if this is true since they say babies will never eat more than they can handle. I dunno about that, but I sure didn't want to test it out tonight.

After dinner Cleme and I took a shower to hose off all that squash that didn't quite make it. Once she was all clean, Jeremy opened our presents to him. I feel like I went a little boring and practical. Sorry Jeremy. I got him a new wallet to replace the old one that has been falling apart for the past 3 years. I also gave him a nice new canvas and leather bag from Vanport Outfitters. Holy schmoley! I didn't pay that much for the bag though. I tabled next to these guys at a craft fair this year and apparently got a super deal. I must have gotten the first generation or something, as the bag on the website has some nicely added new features.

After Jeremy opened presents, we started the long nightly journey of trying to put Cleme to sleep. First Jeremy read some books to Clementine. Then I came in to and nursed for about an hour. Around 10:45 Cleme fell asleep, so I put her in her crib. Where she quickly decided that she was actually not tired (despite having been up since 5 that afternoon) and she needed to come out and hang out with us for a little bit more.
If you look real close you can see the sad little tears of a tired little lady in denial,

 Eventually, after putting Clementine to sleep 4 times, it finally stuck around 12:40 and she passed out. Hopefully she'll be rested enough for her first Music Together class tomorrow morning. I hope she likes it!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Clementine tells Peanut, "Talk to the hand."

Today, in honor of Jeremy's 32nd birthday, we invited over about 10 or so friends for a "make your own nachos" party. It worked out pretty well and no ones nachos lit on fire or anything.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7- A Early Birthday Celebration

Today Jeremy's parents drove up from Eugene for an early celebration of Jeremy's birthday (which is on the 9th). I'm always so impressed by their willingness to drive for two hours just to visit for the day. It is very sweet of them and I must admit I am a little envious of how supportive and devoted Jeremy's parents can be. I hope to extend what I have learned from them one day to Cleme so that she feels just  as supported and confident in us as parents.

 We went out for a delicious lunch at a local neighborhood joint, Foster Burger. We started off our lunch by sharing two different orders of fries. Since our last visit Foster Burger has added a selection of poutines to their menu. Jeremy ordered a classic poutine to test out. The only other time I tried poutine was at Potato Champion on Hawthorne. I thought you couldn't go wrong with the combo of fries, gravy and cheese curds, but somehow I was less than impressed. I thought that someday if I went to Montreal or something I could see how it should be done. I can save my money because the poutine at Foster Burger was super tasty. It was salty, warm and the cheese curds were like little creamy niblets of dairy gold. We also all split an order of my personal favorite, the black and white fries. The black and white fries are fries topped with truffle oil, parmesan, and rosemary. The"black" in the black and white fries refers to the side of squid ink aioli for dipping the fries in. I love this aioli. It's lemony and slightly fishy tasting. So good.

After dinner we headed back to our house opened presents and chatted for a couple of hours before Jeremy's parents hit the road and headed back home. It was a short, but sweet visit. Thanks G-ma and G-pa T!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6-In which not much happens

Cleme and I spent today quietly at home. No packages were worked on or anything. We just took it super easy. Cuddled, took a bath, and then Cleme took a three hour nap. Bedtime wasn't as easy. Cleme finally fell asleep after a lot of work on my part at 1 AM.
Quick notes:
1. Cleme ate up a whole serving of the pears I made AND a whole serving of baby yogurt.
2. We played a fun game where Cleme was laying on the floor and I would waft a blanket over her. She laughed and squirmed with delight every time the blanket got close to her.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5- Someone is 5 months old up in here!

You heard me! Clementine turned 5 months old (22 weeks old) today. This month Cleme really got into eating. She takes these huge, vicious bites while shaking her head like a dog attacking a chew toy. Also tihis month she decided for the reals that she no longer wanted to sleep in our bed with us. Now she sleeps in her crib at night. I bought a video monitor and secretly sneak peeks of her all night long while she is asleep. I miss looking over at her in the middle of the night. But I definitely do enjoy having all that space back in our bed. Cleme also started playing on her own more. She'll lay all content on her blanket with a little toy and chew on it or wave it around for long stretches of time. This past month I really noticed that she is a little sensitive to loud sounds or loud babies. I signed us up for Music Together classes to hopefully combat that fear. Overall, we are so lucky to have Cleme. She is a sweet, sensitive little lady and we love her TONS!!
Cleme and I had a nice mellow day at home. Not as many book sales to worry about packing up today. Only 6 compared to the 14 we did yesterday.
Today I used the Baby Bullet I got from Jeremy's mom for Christmas for the first time. I blended up the butternut squash I roasted last night. One half of a butternut squash made 8 little serving containers worth of food! Cleme ate up a whole jar of it. She loved it. I also steamed a pear and blended that up. It only made two servings.  We'll see how she feels about pears tomorrow night.
Christmas finally came to an end at the house today. I took the ornaments off the tree, took down the stockings and folded up our little fake white tree for next year. I can't wait for next Christmas. Cleme will be 16 months old and I think the holiday will be so much fun for her.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4- Another day that got away

It's 12:40 a.m. and I am sitting here watching Cleme on the video monitor trying to go to sleep. It is getting so late for Cleme to go to bed. Looks like we probably wont be making it to our mom meeting tomorrow. Cleme has this head shaking thing she does when she is trying to put herself to sleep. This little move is the reason she has a little bald spot on the back of her head. She's worn away the hair with all that head shaking.
Today was another tough day. Our printer broke and I was dealing with the ramifications of that all day. Having a working printer is pretty important when you have a home based book selling business.
Cleme is still wanting extra cuddles today. I absolutely don't mind this, it is just impossible to try and fix a printer one handed. I tried working on it while Cleme napped. This just resulted in me feeling like I wasted my baby free time.
It was super frustrating. Luckily, Jeremy printed out all the packing slips and shipping labels for me at work. We also received our book delivery from Diamond. This added a whole new level of craziness going on in our living room. Cleme had way too much fun playing in all of the packing papers though.