Friday, July 22, 2011


Yep. Still no baby. She's one week past her due date now. But did you know that most first time moms are a week to a week and a half late? In that sense our little Clementine is right on schedule. I started my parental leave yesterday, which means I will be working at Guapo for the forseeable future while Allie rests up before and after the birth. I go back to my day job October 13th. My coworkers held a little goodbye party for me which was very sweet and touching. I've really been enjoying things there since the promotion.

I did FINALLY finish my "2010 Year In Review Zine" and have started distributing copies. Let me know if you want one. We're gearing up for the 2011 Portland Zine Symposium. I am naively hoping I can finish my Beach Boys zine by then. We'll see.

Stay tuned! I will be posting pics like mad once baby is born. Here's the happy family, taken a few weeks back: (to be placed once Blogger starts working again)

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Message from the Void

I thought I'd mention that we still exist. We've been very busy of course. Our baby is due in two weeks. I am trying to FINALLY finish my year in review zine this week. I did finish a music zine a month or two ago. This is the supplement to year in review.

The music zine comes with a mix CD. I plan to release both zines, annually from now on. I think it's doable, despite my tardiness. The Year in Review Zine can have a very flexible format. I've already decided upon the 2011 Year in Review format and it will be MUCH less ambitious then the one I came up with for 2010.

I will be on a three month parental leave from my day job once the baby is born. Although I expect to be tired from having a newborn, I'm hoping I'll have more time to tend to this blog. I'll be working my leave at Guapo where I will have a little more free time.