Friday, May 20, 2011

Eight more weeks

Things are going well in impending-parenthood land. We just had our baby shower last weekend. It was so touching to have so many friends and family come up. And I was pretty shocked by how much stuff we got.

Here's the invite we sent out, adapted from a Martha Stewart template.

Allie added dots of glitter to the final invites. We picked the rabbit image because it is the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit theme also let us get a lot of cheap decorations since Easter just ended.

As soon as the shower was over, Allie immediately got to work tracking down everything left on our list. It's sweet how on top of it she is. We're going on a shopping trip tonight for some of the final items.

I finally finished a new zine--my MUSIC year in review zine. This is going out with the regular year in review zine which I have finally gotten back to work on.

Other than that, I am trying to get lots of house work done. My parents have been a big help--they painted the baby room and had a heat pump installed in the house.

This weekend I am going to paint the baby's dresser and mow the lawn.

We're naming our daugher Clementine.

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