Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fax machining at Oscar Party Weekend

For the second year in a row, Allie and I set ourselves the goal of seeing as many Oscar nomiated movies as possible in time for the Oscars. I don't actually consider the Oscars the best measure of movie greatness, but I've loved watching the ceremony since I was a kid, and their taste in movies is okay to great. This year we got going on our Oscar viewing far in advance and managed to see eight of the ten best picture nominees as well as many of the movies nominated in other catagories. The two best pic movies we haven't seen yet are The Fighter and The King's Speech.

Our friends Gariet, Orly, and Larissa came over to watch with us and Allie treated us all to a feast of chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos, bacon-wrapped dates, and pulled pork sandwiches.

Afterwards we played my new favorite game, Fax Machine which I had never played before. Apparently each player writes a sentence then passes the sentence to the left. Each player then draws the sentence they were given. They fold the paper so the original sentence is obscured, then pass the drawing. Each player writes a new sentence describing the drawing they were given. Then they fold the paper to obscure the drawing and pass the paper to their left. A new sentence is wrtten and so on.

Here's an example which we passed around twice:

The original caption was inspired by this hilarious auto-tuned video from the Oscars. Incidentally the four of us (no Larissa) had just seen and enjoyed the latest Harry Potter movie.


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  1. Yo, I love that fax machine. I also love that Heart Light music video, but it looks like it got removed for copyright violations...