Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates and Art Show

I figured it was time to shake the dust off my keyboard and finally update this blog. Allie and I have had A LOT of stuff going on. Plus it's been cold and wet which only dimishes our energy. Therefore, anything we get done feels like a massive ordeal. What have we been up to lately?

I'm STILL trying to wrap up my 2010 Year in Review Zine. One problem with it is it has a lot of tie in products I am also making.

I'm STILL trying to wrap up the first issue of my Beach Boys zine. On a recent insomnia plagued night I had a real breakthrough on this but am delaying because the 2010 zine takes priority.

I recently got an awesome promotion at my day job and after cleaning out my old desk on my last day at my old job, I collected all my doodles and spent my lunch break compiling, copying, cutting, and stapling a new zine. Here's the cover.

The title refers to the length of my tenure at my old position. I consider this zine a trifle but it was still a blast to make.

Our friend Emily N. invited Allie and I to participate in her February art show at Pony Club, with art inspired by A-ha's "Take on Me" video. Allie and I accepted the challange, mainly just to pull ourselves out of our various ruts and try something new. Neither of us is fully thrilled with our pieces but I can live with that feeling of self-criticism. I'm glad we did the show. Here's a shot of Allie's piece on the wall. It's a 3D Lenticular painting.

Here's the view from one side:

and here's the view from the other:

I did two pieces for the show. First a pastel drawing of the A-Ha drummer, seen towards the top of this picture:

then a spray-paint stencil on wood, seen at the top of this picture:

I'm most happy with the stencil piece. I had never used this technique before so had to learn as I went. This was my third effort (and it included a 4th pass on the face).

Ours and other pieces (some of which are really amazing) are for sale online here.

I have at least one more blog coming soon.

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