Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey People
It's been too long since last we updated. I'm not going to linger here either, just give a quick update. I'm working on wrapping up my 2010 year in review zine. One of my problems with it, is that the format I chose made it huge. It could be up to 52 pages! I've written it all. Now I just need to unwrite it. I want to make it more concise and snappy. I may remove whole portions of text and replace them with a drawing. All of this takes a while. I'm a little disappointed in myself though for being late. I hope to get it printed by the end of January. I've also compiled a 2010 year in review mix cd which will go out to some.

Otherwise, I'm trying to wrap up the Guapo inventory count for taxes. It's my birthday this weekend and we're having an ice cream social at the house.