Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesome weekend

This Labor Day weekend was so busy for us, but for once it wasn't stressful. The weekend started out with a bang. Friday was Allie's and my 5th year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going with our friends Graham and Tracy to see Pavement play live at the Edgefield!! We've been fans of Pavement since before their break-up but were never able to see them live--thankfully they've reuinited for one last tour. The show was totally awesome. They opened it with "Gold Soundz," voted by Pitchfork that same day as best song of the 90s. Then it was "Shady Lane," then "Silent Kit," then classic to classic. An amazing night. Here's some video of the night taken by wessenbk and posted to youtube:

We exchanged presents after the show--Allie got me an awesome beer making kit, and my very own copy of my new favorite game Dominion, a strategy based card game my friends and I have been addicted to. Then I stayed up until 1:15 am playing this new Nintendo DS Korg Synthesizer "game" I got.

Saturday we went to the wedding of our awesome friends Theo and Heather. It was another great night with delicious food and good friends. Theo in particular looked completely blissed out by the experience.

Sunday I went to the penultimate Portland Beavers (AAA baseball) game with friends Gariet and Orly. They beat the Las Vegas 51s 6-2, coming off of two terrible losses. The three of us met up with Allie and she made us all a delicious meal of banana pancakes.

Monday we went to another baseball game, the last Beavers game ever. It felt like an historic day and the Beavers did great, winning 6-5 in a dramatic game. We stayed late to run the bases.

Here's the Anniversary card drawing I made for Allie, I actually altered the t-shirt I'm wearing after making this scan, but it's basically the same.


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