Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update No. 3: We had an art show!

I'm going to be doing these "Update" posts so I can mention the various things that were going on, keeping us super busy. I hope to simultaneously do more current posts.

So, on July 31st we had an employee art show at Guapo. We had the idea because so many of our volunteers are cartoonists or have an artisitic background. Allie and I participated as well.

Allie did three portraits of girls which were a combination of collage, painting and sculpture. She also did a beautiful decorated mirror--its border consisted of 30 or so inch by inch paintings of cats. I told her to charge $50 bucks for it (which is more than most of the pieces, although still really cheap for an art piece) and it sold in a week!

It was the only piece that sold although many were for display only. We busted our butts the entire last week of July getting our pieces ready for the show. I myself finished 5 pet portraits/obituaries which I decided would be the basis for my next zine, all about the pets I've loved and lost in my life.

Here are a few of the pieces:

For the opening night party, we had snacks and drinks and lots of friends and family were there. Even my parents made it. The art show itself looked great. One of our baristas did a great job performing a short set on her accordion.

I felt really happy and as I looked around the room I couldn't help but be blown away at the entire scene--all these random, great people coming together because of Guapo and all the hard work we've put into the store. It made me feel proud.

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