Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update No. 2: Good Times at the Day Job

My work week had an amazing and one of a kind end to it last week. After a couple of years of intense work, my firm closed a huge bankruptcy deal. They say this was probably the most complicated case in Oregon legal history. Everyong was feeling to happy about the big accomplishment that the firm asctually scheduled a nice party from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Friday.

Early Friday we found out about the 135 million dollar payout coming our way. Then the firm announced all staff would get a bonus with our next paycheck! In the 7 years I've worked at the firm, this has never happened. The party was lots of fun and I pigged out on appetizers and free beer. Some speeches were made and my department was specifically thanked. I'm just a small cog in a big machine at my firm and it's not often that I feel so appreciated as I did that week. They gave out factoids on the case: over a million copies were made! Myself and my department must have done at least half of those.

Here I am at the party. I've blanked out my co-workers faces out of respect for their privacy. The guy in the foreground is actually our managing partner. I'm getting myself some sushi and totally oblivious to the picture being taken. THis photo really amuses me because it looks like i'm crashing the shot.

The party was at a building across the way from ours at a penthouse bar. Here's the view of my building (the glass one). My firm is on the top three floors.

I was buzzing from all the beer and good times when I took the bus home at 5pm. A drunk old dude on the bus tried to tell me about his Indian girlfriend. He asked me if I liked beer and when I said, 'Yes,' he offered me his unopened bottle of 40oz of Steel Reserve--how nice! I did have to decline though.


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