Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Biking and buying

Yesterday we did our first real bike trip and it was so much fun. We first rode to Hawthorne and 34th to get Allie a free b-day ice cream. Delicious! Then we went to our friends Jesse and Andrice's house. I mapped the whole journey on yahoo and found out we rode 8.59 miles round trip. Not exactly epic, but for us that's a lot. It wasn't really that bad. We were carrying a lot of stuff which was kind of a drag, but I think it'll be a breeze after a couple more times.

When I was at Hawthorne I stopped at Jackpot to spend a little of my bonus money. I bought the brand new Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin album as well as the recent Admiral Radley album featuring Jason Lytle from the awesome band Grandaddy. Unfortunately we got home so late, I wasn't able to give them a listen.

This weekend I also bought Gorillaz' G-Sides, Xiu Xiu's Air Force (upgraded from a CD-R--it sounds so much better), and Gorillaz' Plastic Beach album. I raided the awesome dollar section at CD/Game Exchange: I bought Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full which is actually really good and, fulfilling my 90s nostalgia, Filter's Short Bus (now I can get rid of my tape) and Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth. I feel so lucky getting to buy all this music! Back in the days before we opened the store I bought a few CDs a week. It's nice to recapture that feeling, if only for a moment.

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