Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chain and the Gang, yes!

Last night we braved certain tiredness to go out and see Ian Svenonious' Chain and The Gang perform at Holocene. It was our first show together all year (outside of Conan). As expected, Ian and co. put on a great show.

As soon as we arrived at the club we passed Ian as we entered. He was dress in a navy suit and tie, his dyed-dark hair coiffed high on his head. He gave us a polite hello.

We ran into friends Todd, Austin, and Dave which was a pleasant surprise. For the last few weeks I've been trying to get friends interested in coming to the show and was only met with blank stares or at best half-remembered memories of the Make-Up.

I hit the merch table to find the new Chain and the Gang 7" "(I've Got) Privilege"/"Detroit Music." Thank god Allie convinced me to buy it sooner than later in the night, because when I made my purchase the merch lady let me know I got the last one (the 7" was listed as being an edition of 500).

We sat in the drinking area for the first opening band and made our way into the concert area for Turbo Fruit. T.F. were pretty enjoyable and even Ian was out on the floor checking them out.

Around 11:30 Chain in the Gang came out to play. Ian had changed out of his dark suit into an all white mod suit (I love this fact!). His bassist and keyboardist/guitarist were wearing black and white striped prison-inspired shirts. They started the night with "Cemetery Map" and rocked the house from there. I was even inspired to dance along, especially to jams like "Reparations," "Trash Talk," and "I See Progress." They played a fair amount of new material which gives me high hopes of seeing a new album sometime this year.

Ian had the audience singing along, doing call and response, and dancing together to the "Progress" dance. He jumped, writhed, and squealed like an old soul performer. They ended the show with a meandering, but still inspiring, take on the hilarious tale of paranoia, consipracy, and revelation; "Deathbed Confession."

"'I faked the moon landing, I saved Hitler’s brain,
it's in Argentina, but it controls the USA,
I fixed the Pope’s election, I did the October Surprise,
I was the French Connection, I’ve got Ray Charles’ eyes.'
This is what he said, he said:
'It’s my time I’ve got to go, let this be a lesson, this is my deathbed confession."

My friend Bak took this photo on his phone:

Before the show, we decided to eat dinner at The Maiden which is just 3 blocks from Holocene. Allie had a Groupon for the restaurant which we'd been meaning to use. We were kind of tripped out when we arrived and saw a sign announcing that it was their LAST day of business. How lucky that we made it just in time. It's too bad the place has closed because the food was uniformly good. We ordered fish tacos, calamari, corn fritters with poblano sauce, a Spanish cheese plate, and drinks.

After the concert we made it home and in bed by 1:00am.