Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're still alive

It's been over two months since our last post. I figured I'd do a quick entry before the flame that is this blog is completely extinguished.

Since our last post, we had our annual Stumptown Comics Fest kick off party and reading. A week later we had Free Comic Book Day--our two biggest store events of the year back to back.

We almost finished our taxes.

We've got three chickens now. For a while they liked to nest in the bag of bedding:

We got rid of the bag after they kept knocking it over. They're so cute. Unlike our parakeet, they're very social and like to get pets. Their favorite thing to do is help me garden. They dig through all the dirt I turn up, looking for delicious bugs. They sleep in a coop at night but otherwise have the run of the backyard during the day. I'm going to build them a pen sometime soon. Their names are Ruby, Feather, and Ziggy. Now that it's relatively warm, they give us two to three eggs a day.

We're redoing our garage and kitchen--organizing, putting in shelves, getting rid of stuff. It's a ton of work. We'll be having a garage sale soon.

I failed the March zine challenge because I was too busy working on inventory and prepping for the Stumptown party and show. I redid the challenge for May and failed again. I'm reorganizing my goals and letting off the pressure a little. My main goal now is to just get my next zine done by the Zine Symposium in August. I also need to reprint the Macky zine and Allie's Cindy Lauper zine by then.

Allie's still making soap like crazy. My recent favorite is "Money" scented:

We saw the opening night performance of Conan O'Brien's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television" tour in Eugene. It was a blast and the musical guest was Spoon, a band I love and have always wanted to see live. They played one of their best songs, "I Summon You."

We saw the new Michel Gondry movie The Thorn in the Heart, a documentary about his Aunt Suzette. He was there for the showing and a Q&A followed. It was amazing to to see and hear a filmmaker I really admire in person. The movie was good too.

Tonight we're going to the opening night reception for the new R. Crumb exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. We scored free tickets since we own a comic book store.

This weekend we're going to a barbecue and will get to see family and, most excitingly of all, little Gabriella our niece.

Maybe we'll post again soon?