Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spell check is a weird uncle. Spell check is drunk in the living room and is trying to pay attention but is missing half of what you say.

I just finished copy-editing my crappy novel. It was pretty tedious. There were some amusing errors I noticed though. These are the type of things spell check won't catch, which is why I spent a month going over the book.

1. Ted came up to Jed III and looked him up and dad,
2. Einstein discovered the theory of relatively
3. It was filled to the brim with cans of soda, bottles of war.
4. ...holding his dog's head in his head.
5. She heard her grandma cleaning her throat.
6. Benji's dad was silence.
7. It wasn't in his nature to get up. [Should have said 'give up']
8. ...he walked down the hall in his jean jacket, with his slick back hair.

Then there was the instance I accidentally let spell check replace "for gawdsakes" with "for handshakes."

Anyhow, you will not be seeing this book coming to a store near you. I mainly just wanted to make it coherent before I moved on to the next project. I have a little more work to do on the thing before I call it done, but I'm almost there. I'm not unhappy the book stinks; Nanowrimo was a great, fun exercise and I never expected much from the results.


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