Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brothers of the Head

Allie and I just watched this FAKE documentary about a fictional band led my a pair of conjoined twins. The movie is Brothers of the Head and the band is The Bang Bang. The movie was very good--it was a very convincing and authentic feeling (fake) documentary. What really blew me away was the soundtrack and the performances by the twins (played by Harry and Luke Treadaway, real identical--but not conjoined--twins). The twins really did play and sing on all the music and even wrote one of the songs.

I've been obsessed with the music and ordered the CD from Amazon; it finally arrived today. The music feels very authentic--great rock that sounds like a mix of British Mod/Psych music and early punk.

Here's a scene from the movie where the twins are recording a demo of the song "Doola and Dawla."

Here's a music video of the (fictionally) iconic Bang Bang song "Two Way Romeo" from which the band got its name. It features various scenes from the movie.

If you've seen the movie, the soundtrack features all nine studio songs from the Bang Bang's one and only album, three live songs and three demos featured in the movie, an alternate version of "Two Way Romeo," and two other songs by fictional bands from the movie. It's an amazing album that stands on its own from the movie. Too bad the Bang Bang wasn't a real band...

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