Thursday, January 7, 2010

365 in 2010 Day 4- Chocolate Peppermint Soap

This batch of soap was created after I bought a bum batch of peppermint tea bags. The bags weren't stapled closed and when I put them in my cup the leaves got all up in my hot water. So as they say, "when life gives you peppermint tea, make peppermint soap." So I did. I added a little dutch cocoa fragrance oil and the whole thing smells like a Andes Mint.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 in 2010 Swallow Earrings DAY 1

Swallow Earrings DAY 1
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For New Years this year I made the resolution to just make a little something every day. I'll still do my bigger projects that involve more time in addition to this, but it feels nice to just do a little project a day. This was the first I did. It is a pair of earrings that have been taking up space in my brain for a little bit. It feels good to make them and have that space free again in my brain. I'm also listing the items I make in my quick projects in my Etsy (because another part of my resolution is to get rid of some of my overflowing craft supply.) You can find these earrings listed here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a New Year

It's a new year and I wanted to offer a little recap of our holidays.

We had a great Christmas, going down to Eugene to visit both of our parents as well as three of my aunts and a cousin who came up from California.

New Year's Eve, we went to our friends' house and partied until 4:00am! The whole weekend was nice as well, because we spent a lot of time seeing the awesome of out- of-towners Vanessa & Trevor.

Despite sleeping in until 330pm New Year's Day, we were determined to make the most of the day and the weekend and get going on our New Year's Resolutions. Allie and I both set resolutions which are more like homework schedules. Her single resolution is a doozy--make something every day. So far she has been surpassing this goal.

I set myself nine resolutions and have so far made good progress on many of them. The most immediate resolution is to finish the second issue of "Song Zine" by the end of January. I am already halfway done!

I've also resolved to do more home improvement and maintenance. Friday, January 1, I stuffed all the floor vents from our decommissioned heating system with insulation to better weatherize the house. Saturday, I fixed the leak in our tub's hot water faucet. It was easy, but a big deal for me. I have very little experience with plumbing and was waiting for my parents to fix the thing. After two months and a new year full of new resolve, I could wait no longer. I also put in a new light switch plate and fixed this cable plate which had been hanging loose from the wall for the last four years. Sunday, I put door sweeps on the front and back door of the garage to help weatherize. All this stuff is pretty basic, but it's the kind of stuff I'll put off for years. Now my goal is to just knock it out.

As a matter of virtual housecleaning, I'd like to follow up on two promises I made on this blog. The first is that I would post photos of the zines Allie and I made. Here are the four zines I made in 2008, including the "2009 Year in Review Zine" I finished in mid-December:

I can't post a copy of Allie's zine because I have temporarily lost our last and only copy. To offer a new promise, I will take and post a pic as soon as I find the zine!

Here's an inside shot of the "Macky Zine":

and here's an inside shot of the "2009 Zine" showcasing the super cheesy HOT font I used for my Hot List.

I also promised we'd offer more info on Allie's craft goings-on. To be honest, I wanted her to post about it herself. Since she hasn't, I'll mention that she has opened up her own Etsy shop. You can find photos of her crafts and see them for sale here. She's been making cards, jewelry, and soap. The soap is especially exciting and is something she only recently learned to make. Here's a photo of one of my favorites:
It's Gingerbread Latte made with real coffee grounds!

I'd also like to mention that our beloved and oft-mentioned cat Macky passed away this year. He died August 20th. We always intended to post an extended eulogy for him but never got around to it. We adopted Macky when he was six and spent seven years of our lives with him.

Here we are respectively enjoying his company in times long passed:

Happy New Year!