Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Destined to be together

I've decided to start scanning in and archiving all of the random photos I've got dumped in a box.

Here's two I scanned in yesterday:

Me at age four:

Allie at age 5?:

Growing up in different states, who would have guessed we'd meet and get married 22 years later? Judging from these photos, I predict our kids will be extremely cute with dimples and really blonde hair. They will also wear only black and red shirts.

Christmas Time

I finished my 2009 Year in Review Zine! I printed up all the copies yesterday. It looks pretty good. I'll try and post a pic after X-mas. I'm so glad I got It done before Christmas--if you'll recall, the 2008 issue was finished four and a half months late--in April of 2009.

We've been overwhelmingly busy getting ready for the holidays. We spent six hours on Sunday making cards. I spent over two hours yesterday writing in messages and the addresses while Allie slaved away in the kitchen making sweet treats for friends.

I'm hoping to wrap up the rest of my gift shopping on my lunch break today.

In other news, I've been overly-excited by the fact that the Wherehouse CD/DVD store on 82nd is going out of business. Everything in stock was 30% off and now it's 40% off. I bought a lot of presents and a lot of other stuff there. Allie and I picked out for ourselves the 3 disc Travelling Wilbury's box set as well as a box set with 6 Nirvana albums in it. The Nirvana one especially felt great to get--I had there first three albums on tape only, and the Unplugged one on CD-R. We got these sets for $42 combined!

Sunday making cards, we listened to Nevermind, In Utero, Incesticide, From the Muddy Banks of the Wishka, and Sliver: The Best of the Box (twice on this last one). I also started reading the Rolling Stone Nirvana book Allie got in April. It's been like time travelling back to high school, except now I am a much bigger Nirvana fan.

I love CD box sets like the two above, where you can get the entirety of an artist's output in one fail swoop. It really makes life easier for a completist collector like me. Other awesome comprehensive sets I've gotten my hands on are the four disc Zombies set, the five disc Simon and Garfunkel set, and the 9 disc Black Sabbath set (collecting all of the Ozzy era Sabbath). There's one other like these I want to get--the Misfits set which comes in a coffin shaped box and includes all the Danzig-era Misfits.

Allie and I will be going to Eugene for Christmas I'm looking forward to seeing our respective families and am hoping to be able to make time to visit a couple old high school friends.

I hope to be posting again soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I have officially written a mediocre novel!

I finished my novel! I busted my butt over the holiday weekend, catching up and then getting ahead so that I could finish the thing a day early and not have to worry about it Monday, when I was at work. It's almost 51,000 words long. It's 200 pages. I couldn't think of what to call it so I jokingly submitted it as We Are The Robots!, a line from a Kraftwerk song. My book is about growing up and building robots. It's not too great, but I am looking forward to revising it--there's some good stuff mixed in there with all the crap.

For now, I am focused on finishing up the 2009 Year In Review Zine--I'm going to get this one done on time. I'll have the writing done this weekend, maybe even the whole thing (fingers crossed).

In other news...

We saw a free preview screening of Wes Anderson's new movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was great. The animation was incredibly charming.

We had Thanksgiving with friends Jesse, Andrice, Gariet, and Orly. It was a delicious meal. Allie made brussel sprouts, pumpkin cheesecake, and cranberry sauce (with apples and jalapeno in it).

I went and saw Former Ghosts play again on December 1st. The whole band couldn't make it for the show--it was just the lead singer/songwriter playing keyboards along with programmed music. Still, it was an amazing performance--too bad he was an opening band and was only able to play six songs. I can't recommend this band enough. If you like emotional music and have a healthy, broad musical appetite, you will like this band. I took my friend John to the show. He had never heard of Former Ghosts but still had a great time. Buy the Former Ghosts album and even more importantly--see them live if you have a chance.

For December, my friend Spencer and I are doing a book club sort of thing. We're both reading Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs. Then, when we run into each other at work, we talk about the book. This is especially helpful in the case of Naked Lunch because the thing is half-gibberish. I'm enjoying the writing, but am not yet sold on the rest of it. I'd like to do more book club stuff in the future