Monday, October 26, 2009

Concerts and more concerts

I'm disappointed in this blog. Events are flying by, and we're barely reporting anything...Oh well.

This weekend we kept very busy with social engagements. Friday night we went out to see a customer's band play and celebrate their CD release party. Three punk bands played including his. It was a really fun night.

Saturday, our old high school friend Nick came up and he and I went over to Lewis and Clark College where we saw a free concert by Former Ghosts. The band is led by the guy from This Song Is A Mess But So Am I and also features Jamie Stewart from my favorite, Xiu Xiu. The guys really blew the lid off with dark, noisy, moving, synth pop. Nick and I were blown away by the performance. The lead singer Freddy Ruppert put all of his physical and emotional energy into the performance. His whole body was tense as he sang, shook, danced, and played. The venue was so intimate and we were so close you could hear him panting, out of breath, between songs. There was a percussion stand both guys would occasionally wail on, and you could see wood splinters flying off their drumsticks. The Former Ghosts album is reportedly about a relationship and break up Ruppert had and it seemed like he dredged up all his real life emotions for the performance. He was just an ordinary guy before the show, but during some of the songs he actually brought tears to his eyes and after a couple of them he quietly sobbed to himself. It was intense, but seemed brave and moving instead of pathetic or uncomfortable as you might imagine it could be. It was as if Ruppert was doing a method actor style performance, bringing up all his personal grief to sell the songs and give them truth. Former Ghosts wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but I highly recommend them.

Afterwards, we each bought the album and headed to North East Portland and the Tonic Lounge. We met Allie there and although I missed the performance by our friends Fun Yeti, I was in time to catch the Punk Rock Collective which also features two of our friends. They played a great, energetic set of punk rock covers.

Sunday we went to see Where the Wild Things Are, which I really enjoyed, and then had friends over for dinner.

It was a great weekend but I find myself filled with angst about everything else. There's so much house work to do and I feel so behind on so many things...

Anyhow, this might be my last blog entry for a long while as I am embarking on a personal project for the month of November, which could possibly use up all of my free time. November is National Novel Writing Month, in which participants try and pump out a 50,000 word story. I've had an idea for a novel floating around in my head for the last four or five years and I am going to use this month to finally dive into it. I don't have much planned out or anything. Come November 1st, I'm just going to write and write until I make it to 50,000 or more words. If it's any good, I'll start the long revision process come December. If it stinks, I'll just be happy I gave my brain the exercise. I'm trying to get a friend to participate with me. He most recently committed to doing it, if we promised to make one Print-on Demand copy of our creations in December; a "published" edition of one. Sounds fun to me.


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