Monday, October 12, 2009

Allie's Amazing Cake!

In August, Allie made an awesome cake for our friend Andrice's birthday. I previously promised photos. I was waiting for Allie to post them here, but at this point, I think it's better to do it myself.

Our friend Andrice was turning 40 and having a big birthday party to celebrate. It was Allie's job to make the cake. Andrice is a big fan of baking and cooking, so Allie had the idea to make her a gourmet cake, upon which she put 40 vintage cake toppers which Andrice could later use in her own baking. It was both a dessert and a gift.

The cake was white chocolate and dyed with streaks of blue and teal. The frosting was parfait amour butter cream and was dyed lavender for the side of the cake and green for the top, where it was laid down to evoke a field of grass. The cake had two layers between which was a filling mixture of parfait amour frosting with orange and elderflower marmalade. It was delicious!

After everything was put together, Allie topped it all off with two handmade banners which ready Happy Birthday.

She also made this lovely card:

Allie loves making crafts and such and it's a real treat to watch her make new things and grow in her skills. One of us--hopefully Allie--will post some relevant news on her crafting passion soon--I promise!


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