Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Update

1. I have resolved that we are going to post one blog every day of this week. Allie started it off Monday, and then I dropped the ball Tuesday, my first day! It was so busy at my day job that I had no free time to work on it, as I sometimes do. After work I went straight home, washed dishes, made myself dinner and then went out with friends to see The Informant! It was a really good movie. I wanted to see it right away because I am such a fan of the director, Steven Soderbergh. I'd recommend it if you follow his movies, are a Matt Damon fan (he did an awesome job) or are looking for a weird, true story corruption bust, comedy.

2. I've been meaning to do a (semi) final update on our house project. The whole month of August was our own version of hell. Moving out for a week, and then spending the next three weeks moving back in and painting the hallway kept us busy and with a constant feeling of strees. It wasn't easy, but our floors look GREAT.

Here's some before and after photos. I previously posted some of these befores but I can't resist putting them beside the after photos. To some, these photos might be a bit boring, so if you make it to the very end, I promise you a photo of a very cute cat.

Mid project:
The new and shiny after:

Here's a picture of one of the new windows we installed:

Here's a before shot of the living room/hallway:

And here's an after with our new look:

We also painted the above hallway Peach Butter but I forgot to take some good pics of it.

3. This floor project, begun three years ago when we started removing the carpet, was such an ordeal, I told Allie we were done with house projects for the rest of the calendar year. It's such a nice feeling taking that off of our plates. Every day now I get home from work, do the dishes and then revel in my free time. There's nothing I have to work on. What this means for the future, hopefully, is more crafts, more zines, and more art, from both Allie and I myself. She's been using the extra time to crank out a ton of crafts (more on this to come) and I have been using it movies! I can't help it, it feels so good to relax.

I feel like I'm on the cusp of starting something real big. After years of hemming and hawing I finally feel ready to dive into some of these projects I've had in mind. I'm gonna bring it up here to peer pressure myself into following through. I don't want to tell you, (the friend or family member reading this) a lie do I?

Okay, I'm done for now. Here's that super cute cat photo I promised you. It's our cat Ouija showing off her stuff.


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