Monday, September 21, 2009

Blazin' the trail

So, lately we have been hiking. I bought this book about a year ago that has all of these day hikes around the Portland area. It took us awhile to use it, but Jeremy has really gotten into it. I like going, but it takes a bit of peer pressure from Jeremy and when I'm doing it I always ask myself, "Why am I doing this? What is the point?" But then I'll see some beautiful lake, or some squirrels chasing each other and I'm excited again.

This was where we went this weekend. It is called Punch Bowl Falls and it is located out in the Columbia Gorge. We saw lots of fish and cute dogs on the trail. We also got yelled at by a teenage squirrel who was chasing another squirrel. I think his voice broke when he barked at us. We went with our good friends Gariet and Orly. It is nice to be able to see Jeremy talking and hanging out with someone who has such similar interests. For the longest time he has just been stuck with me.

Our previous hike was to a place called Mirror Lake. We hiked there on Labor Day earlier this month also with Gariet and Orly. The weather that day wasn't as warm, but at least it didn't start to rain until our hike back.

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