Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's a list of our recent going ons

Flight of the Conchords Season 2
My So Called Life
Supernatural Season 1
Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!
Samuel Fuller (Jeremy)
Listening to a lot of records
Listening to a lof of CDs, unpacked after a two year exile in the garage
Grey Gardens (HBO Version) (really good, but hard to not compare it to the musical and two documentaries)
Roald Dahl (Jeremy)
Julie & Julia

2008 Taxes are finally filed, refund is expected!
Guapo's Ebay Store is set up
Allie's birthday celebration
Super deluxe cake for our friend Andrice's 40th anniversary, made by Allie. (pictures to come)

In Process:
Hallway has two coats of Peach Butter
Listing things on ebay
Moving back into house

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Busy Tuesday and a Mayorial encounter

This is our world:

Yesterday, Allie and I got up around 645. She went off to nanny and I went off to my office job. Allie got in to Guapo at midday and was the sole worker in charge of helping comics and coffee customers. Her goal for the day was to finish designing two Guapo ads that were due and input the invoice for this week's comics delivery. She made little progress on these goals as she was slammed with a barrage of coffee customers.

I took the bus home from work and got into Guapo at 545. I immediately started moving the comics from last week's delivery out of the New Arrivals section and into the older comics section. This is done every Tuesday night to make way for Wednesday's delivery.

I had to stop putting away the comics so that I could pack up some books to sell and display at a Foster Neighborhood Association party at Kerr Park. The party started at 630. Allie and I intended to go together, but I had to leave her behind to finish her computer work.
I rushed over to the park to set up our table and start peddling our wares. I brought a lot of locally published and self-publish comics and zines. I met and greeted people, gave out coupons and made a few book sales.

Mayor Sam Adams showed up to the event, and as I was at the end of the line of tables due to my late arrival he greeted me first. We shook hands and I gave him our spiel about supporting local arts and D.I.Y., creative culture. I know this sort of 'meet and greet' thing is a political gesture as much as anything, but he felt very genuine to me and I got the impression that he really did like saying hi to people and meeting his constituents. It was validating to tell the man in charge a little about our goals and passions.

Later, on his way out after visiting all the tables, Mayor Adams snapped a picture of me to post on his Twitter site:

Our partner Megan showed up at the park around 710 to help. We were there until 830. I sold a few books including one copy of my own Macky Zine (yes!).

I raced back to Guapo to pick up Allie so that we could rush off to get the brand new Flight of the Conchords Season Two DVD set at Best Buy before it closed at 9pm. It's our favorite show!

We moved out of our house this weekend so the floors can be refinished. In light of this and how busy and stressed we were, we decided to skip making dinner and go for Thai food at one of our favorite restaurants. We got in right before the kitchen closed at 900 and, after salad rolls, yellow curry, and noodles, headed "home" around 940.

We're staying with friends down the street from us but had to first check in at our house. We moved the rabbits to the back yard where they've been enjoying the lawn. We fed and visited the bunnies and I packed my lunch for today before heading off to our "home away from home" just four blocks down the street.

Before we could get there however, we had to go to the opposite direction and get some necessities from Fred Meyers, and then had to go back to Guapo so that Allie could finish e-mailing her ads and I could put away all the leftover books from the neighborhood party and last week's delivery. We finally got in at 1040, our friends already in bed. I fed the cats and birds (who both moved with us) and we passed out at 1100.