Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We survived Portland Zine Symposium 2009

Working the symposium Friday through Sunday was fun and tiring. We barely survived with our psyches intact. I was totally bummed out and sleepy Saturday, Allie was in a bad mood most of Sunday. The raging heat here in Portland didn't help matters (and is still making it hard to recover.) Nevertheless it was a good time, and nice to see so many friends.

Here's Allie, hiding behind one of our Guapo zine racks. This photo was taken by our friend Greg.

Sales were slower than normal but we did sell a lot of our zines. Allie's zine "She's So Unusual #1" was the top seller of the ones we made. My Macky zine did pretty well too. Our friends gave us lots of great feedback which felt great as they've been making zines for years longer than us.

Here I am making a letterpress style stamp for Allie to put the final touches on her zine. She spent all Friday finishing it up, and much of Saturday and Sunday, making additional copies to keep up with the demand. I'm wearing the awesome Hellen Jo t-shirt I got at this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. This photo was also taken by Greg.

Now that the symposium is over, it's time for us to get going on our next "Zine Challenge" I think we'll start in a couple weeks after all our house/floor stuff gets done. I want to post some pictures of the zines we did make but haven't taken them. Here's the image I created for the cover of my Macky zine.

I used oil pastels for the first time since 7th grade art class. It was fun! I want to do a drawing like this of Ouija too.


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  1. excuse me? I do not remember being in a bad mood all day Sunday. Thanks jerk. Maybe it carried over from Saturday when you wouldn't attempt to drive to Mississippi for dinner and THEN LEFT THE HEADLIGHTS ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY SO IT DRAINED ALL OF OUR CARS ENERGY BATTERY JUICE STUFF!!! GEEZ.