Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot, Hot, Heat

Is the heat finally abating here in Portland? This has been possibly the worst week we could pick to spend all our free time packing up the house. It was so hot, stuffy, and still in the house Allie could barely bring herself to move. Upon her special request I dug out the old air conditioner we had used at the previous Guapo location and did my best to install it at the house. Unfortunately, it was too big for the windows in our bedroom so I put it in the only window it fits--in the kitchen. Some scrap wood, some towels, and a lot of half-assed work was all it took to slap the thing up there and get it blowing cold air. We turned it on Tuesday at 10pm and the temperature was still 90 degrees in the house.

We threw a foam pad on the living room floor (which adjoins the kitchen) so we could sleep out there and soak up the coolness from the AC. Last night we actually ended up a little cold, although you go anywhere else in the house and immediately start sweating.

Somehow, we've managed to pack up most of the house. All that's left really are our clothes, the plants, pictures on the wall, and all the big furniture.

My parents are coming up this weekend from Eugene to help us finish things off and install two new windows. We're also having an art show opening party at Guapo this Saturday. Here's the flier:


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